Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 159

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Aurora’s location was in the garden of the castle. While walking under the guidance of Aurora’s maid, Levisia was busy organizing her hair and dress and cooling off her heated face.
When Aurora’s maid looked at her face and handed her a handkerchief, she wanted to crawl inside a rat hole.
On it, she could see some unknown fluid and smeared lip marks.
Where on earth did this thing come from?
She headed to the garden feeling on her pouted lips. Not too long later, a woman looking at flowers appeared.
She, who blinked her blue eyes with soft-looking brown hair hanging down, was none other than Aurora, the 7th Princess.
When Levisia thought she was close enough, Aurora said, not even turning to look at her,
“The flowers have blossomed beautifully, right?”
Upon looking at Aurora, she had no time to appreciate the surrounding scenery. Levisia replied after belatedly looking around the garden.
“I guess so.”
Did her voice sound sulky? Aurora plucked a flower and handed it to her as if trying to give her a closer look.
Levisia stared at her face then lowered her gaze. And a bit of embarrassment kicked in.
The flowers she thought she had beautifully decorated the garden with had wilted.
“You can’t know if you don’t see it up close,”
said Aurora, turning around as if she didn’t care whether Levisia looked at it or not.
“It was a great choice to go south for the inspection this time.”
The topic had suddenly gone from flowers to the inspection.
Aurora ran her hand through a bush as she slowly walked. Several leaves and petals fell from every place her hand touched. For a light touch, there sure were lots of things falling.
“How can this be bad soil? I can’t even tell all that is going on.”
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Her voice sounded as if she was upset. When Levisia was guessing something from the words ‘bad soil’, Aurora looked back at her.
“But there’s always a suitable reason for everything.”
Aurora blinked her eyes which resembled the sky.
“So, I think that you being here is a similar reason, Your Royal Highness.”
That was her first time hearing a title of respect from a Kraiden. Aurora greeted the surprised Levisia gracefully, lifting her skirt.
“7th Princess Aurora Vale Kraiden. Pleased to meet you.”
Had Levisia ever received such a friendly greeting from a Kraiden at the first meeting?
It was almost like when she had first met Siaphyl. Of course, it was a suspicious kindness.
Levisia stared blankly at Aurora raising her head and soon came to her senses before briefly greeting her.
“I am 15th Princess Levisia White.”
Aurora smiled after hearing the introduction.
“Thank you for your time today. I have been wanting to meet you.”
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If a different Kraiden had said that, she could think they were up to something strange, but Aurora was different.
Even her graceful smile looked kind.
Is the first impression important?
Aurora’s first impression, who had returned from another place far away, remained in Levisia’s head as the most normal of all the Kraidens.
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