Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 158

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Farid’s lips, violating her on their own, withdrew from her after a long time.
A soggy gust of breath escaped from her mouth. Catching her breath, Levisia paused when she saw the smudged lip marks around Farid’s mouth. After seeing his moist lips, she realized she had come to her senses.
What.? What in the hell just happen right now?
Levisia just couldn’t believe it.
Did I just…?
Sentence fragments whirled around inside her head. These words—lips, kiss—were the kind she had never once thought about before.
The vulgar word Levisia had forgotten for a while perfectly represented her feelings. Except for crazy, she couldn’t say anything else.
Pel… No. Farid had kissed her.
What had happened just now was not included in the realm of ‘smack on the lips’ or ‘peck’.
It was too…
To put it simply it was explicit, and boldly speaking it was carnal and obscene.
The feeling of his tongue chaotically whisking inside her mouth was still vivid. No matter how deep of a relationship they were in, Levisia would never kiss him so terribly like that.
But Farid had done that to her. Unbelievably.
“You— What did…”
Perhaps because of the shock from it, she couldn’t get her words out properly. On the other hand, Farid, unlike her, was overly unscathed.
Wait. Hadn’t she said ‘crazy’ earlier?
“You should have slapped me.”
Levisia blankly stared at him kiss her hand that was still entangled with his.
He had said to her that she should have slapped him; all the while he tickled her hand as if seducing her.
“You had my hands blocked.”
“Then you should have at least bitten my tongue.”
“How could? ” Levisia was speechless at his glare. Farid, who stared right into her eyes, flashed a grin.
“Aren’t you being too soft? A servant made a move on his master and dared to covet her lips. You’re worried that you’ll get hurt even if you don’t punish me.”
Levisia could feel her blood rushing to her face. However, she was the only one haste with confusion at Farid’s bold choice of words. He slowly kept his eyes on her bewildered state.
Unable to win against that stare, she snatched her hand away. She stood up, thinking she had to get far away from this man, and stepped off thoughtlessly, but her legs trembled after a few steps.
“Running away?”
The low voice invaded the back of Levisia’s neck. His arm which grabbed her from behind wrapped around her waist and pulled.
Within mere seconds she was trapped in Farid’s arms. Levisia was stiff. Her senses kicked in right away.
“This isn’t like you.”
His voice stimulated her earlobe. Levisia squeezed his arm hard with one hand and said,
“I am not running away.”
“But that’s how it looks to me.”
“Because you keep—”
Levisia suppressed and swallowed the last part before she could let it out.
Saying “Because you keep getting agitated” may sound different depending on the situation. And how she felt, it was not a suitable thing to say in this situation.
Why in the hell is he acting like this?
Just earlier he had talked seriously, but the mood was now going down a strange path.
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Levisia tried jogging her memory. Then, she was able to remember that Farid had seemed to be holding back something while she talked, and he had soon rushed in as if he couldn’t hold it back any longer.
Was that reaction because of me?
Which part had made him do that? Why had it agitated him?
“Don’t you have anything to say to me?”
At Farid’s words, she felt uncomfortable like a thorn had been pushed through her neck. The reason for her feeling was clear.
I’m not sure why… he became so agitated.
Levisia didn’t know. If he weren’t acting this way, she would probably never know.
Can it be that he liked her?
It was a savory question at the tip of her tongue. But she couldn’t blurt it out. If she threw this question at him…
She shook her head to clear out the complicated thoughts in her mind.
“For now, let’s go back and talk.”
“I’ve made her wait outside for too long.”
It was a fact she had forgotten that Aurora’s maid was waiting outside. She had already waited too long. Levisia couldn’t delay any more time here.
And right now her heart was racing, she couldn’t think she was able to produce a legible sentence.
She could feel the strength in Farid’s arm loosening up. And right before her waist was free from his arm she shrank at the soft touch on the back of her neck.
The dark red hair that poured over her shoulders withdrew. Levisia looked back with her hand covering the place where Farid had planted his lips.
He stretched his hand with a calm look on his face. The hair gripped in his hand flowed down like silk.
He said, releasing her hair,
“What pity.”
Levisia took a step back without hesitating. Farid now seemed like an uncontrollable bouncy ball; too much to handle for Levisia.
“You’ll see when you get back.”
So the only thing she could do was threaten him.
Farid didn’t say a word. Before turning around, she looked into his sunken eyes.
Thump. She could feel her heart drop. The place burned where her heart was.
She stopped walking. It was like an ominous premonition had passed by.
“Stay next to Sheila and don’t go anywhere.”
She said again to the silent Farid,
“I said don’t go anywhere. You have to wait.”
It was then that Pel’s head faintly shook up and down.
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He will be all right…
Looking back at him several times as she walked to the door, Levisia left the room while trying to leave behind her uneasiness.
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