Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 157

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He had grabbed the chair, and Levisia couldn’t continue because he was leaning close to hear. Up close, his golden eyes were penetrating.
“That is what I want to say, Levisia. Don’t talk that way. It’s like telling me not to treat you kindly.”
“You can let me go any time you want.”
He continued, holding his breath.
“You didn’t think I knew? From some point, probably from when you learned of my true identity, you’ve been thinking of leaving me.”
As for the Levisia who knew Pel’s future moves, she had no choice but to think that he would leave someday.
Pel knew that Levisia and Sheila would sneak away one day. So Levisia always tried to think that she would be disappointed if he just upped and vanished one day. His empty spot in her tiny world was not that roomy anyway.
“You, you’ve been planning to leave, Pel.”
Pel didn’t confirm nor deny it. But the silence soon confirmed.
Levisia spoke as calmly as possible so that she didn’t sound like she was accusing him.
“I too had to prepare for the day you leave.”
She had already experienced that once. The pain of not being able to get up because she had lost someone who had occupied most of her world.
If Pel and Sheila hadn’t been there after her mother’s death, she probably would still be living with that pain every single day; staring endlessly into emptiness.
That’s why she needed to prepare. So that a large hole like that would not appear in her heart again.
Even if someone left, it was necessary to fill the hole in advance so that you could stop the bitterness for a while.
“Honestly, I have been afraid since I learned your true identity. But since I think you’ll leave one day, I had no choice but to overcome that fear.”
Levisia continued, staring at herself reflected in his golden eyes.
“Because you are precious to me rather than wasting precious time I decided to do my best. And to you that looked like I was trying to send you away.”
“How I behaved while thinking about life after your departure means I wasn’t ready to let you go.”
Levisia wasn’t allowed to stop him. That’s why she couldn’t persuade him to give up the plan.
Then what is she supposed to do?
She had thought about it hundreds of times but still couldn’t find the answer. As expected, she should have kept Kraiden away, but she only regretted it.
“That’s still the case.”
“I am selfish. I know. I didn’t know that I was such a hypocrite.”
Levisia thought she had lived without great greed, but she hadn’t at all.
“I should let you go. I’m just pestering you while hurting your feelings.”
It wasn’t strange to be laughed at by Pel. However, she was the one who couldn’t face his mocking and lowered her eyes.
Pest, greedy, scary cat… She had been called so many things in one day.
But now she had to put them down one at a time. She grabbed Pel’s shoulders to push him.
“I’m guilty of being greedy for something I shouldn’t be for.”
But she couldn’t put any more strength in her hands because Pel had grabbed her wrists. His hands were warm at first but then grew hotter.
“If greed is a crime, the real criminal is in front of you, Levisia.”
“I have a different kind of greed that you’ve never seen before.”
The heat around her wrists gradually disappeared.
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“I’m thinking about committing even more crimes.”
The fingertips that crawled over Levisia’s skin resembled the hands that had touched her hair earlier.
“Assuming the end, a fool like me is bound to go in circles.”
Levisia instantly doubted if that had come from Pel’s mouth. While she was at a loss for words with her mouth hanging open, he entangled his fingers in her stiff hand.
Wincing at the feeling of his fingers, her body shook. Then, he looked at her with questioning eyes, wondering what she was thinking.
She instinctively read what was in those eyes:
Desire. Similar to what he had felt earlier. No, deeper than that.
“I think I can cover up your sins if you pretend to be crazy.”
It was unusual for him to speak lowly. The blonde wig falling from his head, the way he swept her dark red hair back and looked down at her, and the way he slowly loosened his cravat with one hand.
Was this the Pel she knew? As soon as she grew suspicious, he grabbed the armrests of the chair and drew closer.
His eyes, which had always been calm, were penetrating. Was it because he was so close?
Levisia tried to pull back by loosening her fingers, but Pel— No, Farid didn’t let her.
She gulped while only managing to pull back her body, but he kept getting closer and closer.
“Pel, you—”
“You even call me by my real name. How kind of you.”
He wasn’t being sarcastic. His voice was just low and soft.
“Why in the hell—”
Levisia could see his close face tilting to the side. Oh, my. His nosed touched her.
“Why, oh why. Since when do sick bastards have a reason?”
“You are acting very—”
“You know why I am like this.”
His words brushed her lips. Or had his lips brushed hers?
Levisia tried to be calm, but her mind was getting twisted.
“Close your eyes if you don’t know. If you do—”
She couldn’t pull her body back any further.
“When you opened your eyes, your sins must have been taken away by a lunatic.”
The moment Levisia absently closed her eyes, the whispering stopped. No, every sound became distant.
Even a fool knew that that sound was a kiss. Levisia tried to withdraw from his hands gripping the armrests, but Farid had his hands pressed down over hers.
Her strength was no match. Creak. The wooden chair shrieked the more she leaned back. At the same time, he dug between her open lips.
Their breathing became entangled. Farid’s mouth absorbed her every scream, and he continued to covet her like it wasn’t enough.
They were breathing heavily when their lips fell apart. No, only Levisia.
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Farid only had a sweet look on his face, and his breathing was as normal as ever. He said, wiping his lips with the back of his hand,
“This crime, it’s very sweet.”
Was now the time to talk about appreciation?
The moment Levisia, who didn’t know what to say, opened her mouth, he went in again as if he’d been waiting for the moment. She couldn’t avoid it.
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