Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 156

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Levisia was frozen stiff with her eyes wide open.
This situation, it’s quite similar.
Even in the past, he had done this, growling as he warned her.
However, when looking closely, he had behaved completely different from now.
The Pel back then gave me some distance. Because I was the Empress of Kraiden.
She hadn’t liked him then, so she had stormed into Pel, and he had denied that he was the prince of Roycal and soon threatened her.
This time have the tables turned?
Pel knew that there was something he could not tell her. And he knew that the reason was that he was the prince of Roycal.
Because of that, it seemed that Levisia thought he was distancing himself from her.
Levisia said, after shutting her eyes for a moment and opening them,
“I have never distanced myself from you.”
The carefree whisper tickled her ear. She could feel his hand brush over her hair. It was a different touch than usual.
It was much more explicit and deeper as if it contained implications that she had never even thought about.
Levisia gasped at the feeling. Thinking that couldn’t be, her breath trembled the moment his arm around her waist pulled tighter.
Pel, who was sensitive even to her distant appearance, had to have known that.
A burst of low laughter crashed into her ear. Strangely, that sounded like mockery to her.
“I’m sure you know better whether you did or not.”
Pel’s upper body, which had leaned toward her, slipped away. The golden eyes looking down at her shined like a knife blade.
“I surely do not, Princess Levisia White of Kraiden.”
The harsh words and trembling gaze were all new to her.
If he was like a predator when he threatened her, now he was like a natural ruler, looking at her from a high place in the distance.
Just as she had thought of him as the prince of the ruin who might harm the Kraidens, Pel was standing in front of her now.
And that was something she had brought onto herself.
Knowing that, she said, holding Pel’s arm that held her waist,
“…I don’t want to become distant from you.”
Her grip tightened around his arm. She knew that his shirt was wrinkled in her hand, but she couldn’t let it go.
The stories she had hidden, her reluctance, they had all scarred Pel. No way he didn’t know that.
But she too was taken aback at the fact that the scale in her heart was not tilting to either side.
Hadn’t she imagined a future like this or something? No, she really didn’t know.
Levisia thought she had to hide to not have a presence; conversely, she didn’t know they would have a presence in her.
She knew it clearly when she was thinking of running away from the turmoil that would happen in the empire; that this was no different from ignoring someone’s death by running away.
But at that time, only her people had importance. Is this the time to be concerned over a stranger’s death? Her only plan had been the survival of her and her people.
The ones left in the castle who had met their deaths? She thought it would be okay because it was someone else who had nothing to do with her.
As there were people among them who could kill someone else by themselves, she thought maybe they had gotten the right punishment.
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And Siaphyl was one of them.
“It’s my first time seeing such a tiny flower, Levy.”
“You’re giving this to me? Really? Thank you… I’m happy.”
The boy who had smiled brightly with his face crimson for being handed a wildflower.
Siaphyl was still a child. But Levisia kept him at a distance, telling herself that he would slaughter her in the future.
His compliments were earnest, and it was because he had a black heart inside that she had looked back several times at him holding wildflowers tightly in his small hand.
I shouldn’t let my guard down. I shouldn’t trust him. She repeated this several times inside, imagining him as a killer in the future.
By the way, had Siaphyl torn his siblings to death?
No, never…
But what in the world kind of punishment was natural for a child? He may change in the future.
But this question was something that she should not be thinking of. She had to turn a blind eye to it.
Because that way she could leave and not look back, no matter who died. Because she didn’t have to feel guilty and could dismiss it as something that had nothing to do with her.
But Levisia was unconsciously thinking about them.
That’s why she hadn’t answered Pel’s question and only hesitated.
That’s why Pel naturally felt betrayed. He deserved it.
…despite her not being able to let go of him.
He dismissed her behavior with three words:
“You are selfish.”
“I thought I’d meet someone so greedy.”
Levisia, unable to look into his eyes, lowered her gaze. The corners of his mouth trembled while raising.
Even if she were to apologize here, it would do no good to Pel’s wound. Because that was no different from spitting any old phrase to comfort his mind.
“I know you can’t have any attachment to everything and everywhere you go. It’s a change that should be celebrated and delighted. This would be good news for those struggling to get your attention.”
“By the way, I cannot be delighted.”
He repeatedly opened and closed his eyes.
“What’s terrible is that in the midst of this, I’m just thinking that I should have taken you and run away when you said you’d leave the ruined imperial family. Had I done that, you wouldn’t have to give them your heart, Pel”
Pel let go of Levisia’s waist as he said that. She stepped back and stumbled, tripping over something—almost. If he hadn’t grabbed her again, she probably would have fallen.
“Damn it.”
He gritted his teeth as he softly let go of her. She thought her butt had brushed the floor, but it was something else; something soft; a chair.
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Levisia thought of the time when she had told him that he could never hurt her. He had remained that way, even after receiving a blow from her.
Levisia said, gripping one leg of the chair,
“…this is why I cannot let you go.”
“This is why I am a fool.”
“Don’t talk that—”
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