Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 155

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Not too long after making that decision, a maid Levisia had seen for the first time came to her and said,
Miss Aurora has asked to see you.”
Why was the princess who had only recently returned to Kraiden looking for her, of all people?
Levisia suppressed the urge to sink her eyebrows before saying,
“By chance are you mistaking me for someone else?”
“Not at all, madam. Miss Aurora has said that she specifically wants to see Levisia White.”
“Did she give a reason?”
“She did not. I’m sorry, madam.”
“No… it’s okay,” she said, waving a hand at the bowing maid. No way a subordinate could ask such a thing of his or her master.
So, what now? She looked back at Sheila’s room as she thought about it. It saddened her to have to leave an injured Sheila by herself.
But to bring Pel back here…
Their conversation from a little while ago interrupted her thoughts. Just as expected, it might be embarrassing to have to face each other now.
“Excuse me, there is a patient inside. I am the only one looking after her, so I can’t really leave her side. By chance can Princess Aurora take my spot?”
The maid’s head tilted as if she couldn’t understand why someone with Levisia’s status was looking after someone.
“Then when will she be able to do it?”
Today seemed difficult, and she didn’t think she could see Pel again until tomorrow.
Weighing her options, she replied, hoping that Aurora was not the Elizabeth-type,
“I think tomorrow morning will be okay.”
Now that she has told the maid a specific time, Aurora wouldn’t suspect that Levisia was rejecting her offer to meet.
“I shall relay that message to Miss Aurora, please excuse me.”
Aurora’s maid left respectfully.
That day, she stayed by Sheila’s side until dawn.
“That’s what happened, so please stay here by Sheila.”
Having run into Pel early in the morning, they behaved like nothing had happened between them the day before.
However, despite her efforts, Pel didn’t seem to be listening to Levisia.
Even after she had finished talking, he looked up at her for such a long time, prompting her to ask,
“…you listening?”
“Yes. I am listening.”
It was a dry answer. She decided to check him.
“So what did I say just now?”
That’s when a beam of light entered his eyes. Like he had been thinking of something different this whole time.
“Look! You aren’t even listening!”
“You told me to look after Sheila.”
“… I’m listening.”
But why did it seem like he wasn’t listening? she mumbled to herself, feeling foolish and embarrassed.
“Then I will be back soon.”
Aurora’s maid, who’d eagerly come to Levisia’s room, was waiting outside of her door.
“Just a second.”
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As she was passing by Pel, she was caught in that voice.
Though she had asked calmly, her voice might have been trembling a bit.
That’s how nervous she was. If Pel brings up what they talked about yesterday, she may have to spend all day outside and come back tonight.
“Have you slept?”
She hoped he was being sarcastic while wanting to ask: “Did you have a good night’s rest?”
Levisia was having a twisted thought for a moment, when she concluded that Pel couldn’t be that way and replied,
“Yep, I di—”
He cut her off as soon as she opened her mouth. What she had tried to say was now shoved down her throat.
Because Pel was right.
“I’m not saying you look sleepy.”
His fingertip touched below her eye before he quickly withdrew it. He had probably found out because of the bags under her eyes.
Are my eyes that sunken?
They were never like that except when they looked a little rough after washing her face, but it was strange. Though she knew that Pel was quick-witted…
“I know.”
“But how come—”
“Sheila has been suffering all morning. I think she’s in a lot of pain, so I stayed by her side.”
In her mind, Levisia said to him precisely, “It’s because of you.”
Perhaps that was conveyed to him, he turned his eyes away from her.
“Then I will be by Sheila’s side tonight.”
He stepped off on his way to Sheila’s room after saying that.
Ugh, so difficult. I mustn’t keep Aurora’s maid waiting outside for too much longer, Levisia thought.
She hesitated and stomped in place before grabbing Pel.
“You can’t. You haven’t slept.”
His eyes widened a little. It was for a second, but it showed that her guess was the answer.
“I just randomly threw that out there, but I guess it’s true.”
“…if you say so, woman.”
Woman? While she paused at the random word, he pulled the arm that she was grabbing. She hadn’t let her hand go, so her body was jerked toward him.
Her forehead brushed his arm. Then she felt his arm go around her waist as if he had intended to do so.
“If you’re going to put a distance between us, do it properly.”
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Pel’s head lowered and tilting to the side, stopped at her ear. Then he whispered to the frozen Levisia,
“Stop your unnecessary flirting.”
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