Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 147

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When she was about to add something after belatedly coming back to earth, the conversation had already ended.
“As Cassian said, Jedian might not have been aware that it was his power.”
Jedian looked down at him upon hearing Siaphyl say that. Levisia was stunned, nonchalantly following Jedian’s eyes.
There were faint tremors in his hands. Perhaps she wasn’t the only one to notice, even Siaphyl, who had been chattering, lost his voice for a moment.
“So, let’s uh…”
Siaphyl rolled his eyes as if embarrassed. Amidst that, Elizabeth and Cassian, who wasn’t looking at Jedian, lifted their heads like they felt something strange.
As their eyes gathered, he grasped the mood and fiddled with his hands. Laughing clumsily, he shook his head.
“Uh, I… It’s nothing.”
Overshadowing that it was nothing by waving his hand, Lidan casually said,
“For something that’s nothing, your hands sure are shaky.”
“Uhh, I…!”
Jedian’s face turned a little pale. Lidan, who’d casually stabbed him, made a face that said he was curious.
It couldn’t be explained with indifferent words. There was no way that Lidan, who was quick-witted, didn’t know that Jedian tried to end the story because he didn’t want to bring it up.
He did so all the while knowing. He said it even though he knew how to get under other people’s skin. He always tried to get his way.
At times like this…
Even though Lidan smiled affectionately on the outside, he couldn’t help but feel sick and tired of his innate cold-heartedness.
Levisia sighed after studying Jedian, whom anyone would call awkward.
Even though I want to help, it’s not my business to sniff around.
Apart from the pity in her heart, she wasn’t in a position to help him.
For now, judging from everyone’s reaction, the holder of the power that had ended the incident at the pier was not unknown.
Of course, she wasn’t certain if that had been her power, but she knew there had been a voice that only she had heard, claiming that the power wouldn’t be very irrelevant to her
It isn’t something that can simply be revealed.
Levisia knew it from her own eyes, but the power that had torn down the remains of the lighthouse and defeated the monster was not an ordinary kind of strong one.
In terms of strength, it was a force that was higher than Jedian’s wind, which was also one of the best in the royal family.
First, the problem is I don’t even know the fundamentals of that strength.
That voice hasn’t been heard since then. It would be nice if she could have a conversation with that voice, but since that was not possible now everything was in limbo.
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The holder of that voice, the source of that strength, and how much power was summoned.
Even she who held the only clue–that voice–knew nothing. But there was no easy way to break away from this situation.
But I feel sorry for Jedian…
All she could do was keep that a secret for the time being.
She quietly uttered a bland apology to herself as she glanced at Jedian. Just in time, he spoke up with a determined face as if he had made some confession.
“Actually, more than anybody here, I don’t think the wind at that time was my power.”
Lidan’s eyes glistened excitedly. Perhaps Cassian, who had been listening to the story go into one ear and out the other, was interested, as he was seen focusing.
“If you ask why, it’s because at that time I felt that I lost my wind.”
“Lost your wind?”
Elizabeth repeated in a bazaar voice. When she did, Jedian nodded with a bitter smile on his face.
“Yes. It felt like what I thought was completely mine turned its back on me. I should stay in that position—at that moment I felt like a regular person with no abilities.”
Recalling that time, Jedian muttered, smearing his lips on which goose flesh had formed,
“So I came to realize at that moment; that what I was given was really nothing more than a ‘blessing.’ That I couldn’t call it mine; like it was someone’s favor by chance.”
Everyone around him became quiet. Perhaps Jedian had anticipated this reaction from when he first brought it up, he flicked his eyebrows up as he laughed.
“I’m sorry. I must sound weak in front of you. Because you aren’t lucky to hold such powers like me.”
Jedian, who was rambling on, made eye contact with Levisia and was silent for a moment.
Levisia remained silent, as it was difficult to weigh in on his thoughts, and Jedian was looking at her with wide eyes when he hurriedly turned away.
When an ambiguous silence fell, someone knocked on the door of the study they were in.
“…can come in.”
Cassian spoke up as the representative. A few seconds later, a servant bowed his head through the cracked door and said,
“Princess Aurora has arrived in Vinhol now.”
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“Yes. She will arrive at the castle soon.”
Levisia lifted her head at the unexpected news.
Aurora Vale Kraiden. Finally, the arrival of the final Kraiden.
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