Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 146

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The inspection team ended up staying in Vinhol for a few more days, due to the incident that happened at the pier.
No matter how many people tried to cover it up, there had been so many witnesses, so the story leaked out. Marchioness Vinhol and the members of the royal family confirmed the monster’s emergence and worked together to investigate the truth.
“So that’s why Merril was called in today. She will be the one scooping up seawater all day long,” said Lidan, cupping his chin in his hand. His long, bony fingers meaninglessly tapped his pale skin as if playing a melody.
“Perhaps because of what happened in Mentine, they were all worried that there was a problem with the boundary stone,” he mumbled as his eyes rolled to the side. There was Elizabeth, busily flipping through documents, unaware that her tea had gotten cold.
She took her eyes off the papers and said, perhaps feeling his glare,
“Is there anything else you can think about right now?”
“Well, I can say it’s never happened up until now, so it isn’t strange to be suspicious of the boundary stone, but―”
Lidan’s talking went on and on and on. The one hearing it all was Cassian, to his left.
“You must want to ask who is capable of destroying the boundary stone so deep in the ocean..”
“As expected, you easily see through your younger brother’s thoughts, Cassian.” Lidan winked at him. Cassian turned a page after blocking the cute eye gesture with the back of his hand.
“That’s because what I think isn’t that different. More than anything, I think it is advisable to conduct an investigation about that sea monster.”
“I also think the same. But wasn’t the monster cut so neatly that you could eat it as sashimi?”
Oooaughoaua! Jedian coughed as he spit out the tea he was drinking. Levisia silently made a promise to herself while seeing him react like that.
Tea is best enjoyed when I am alone.
It didn’t take long for him to put down the teacup again, which she was thirsty for.
Clack. Everyone’s eyes gathered in one place as soon as the sound of the teacup hitting the table was heard.
Levisia closed her eyes feeling like her face had become thick and stiff like leather.
No matter how much she closed her eyes and disregarded them, their gazes didn’t turn away from her. Her eyes opened again right before a cold bead of sweat could drip down her temple.
When she did, they all looked away and continued talking as if they’d waited only for her eyes to open.
“Anyway, it is very unfortunate that the monster that’s supposed to be investigated has disappeared.”
“It could be beneficial if we find the holder of the power that killed it.”
Following Lidan, who spoke in a comedic tone, Jedian also added as if he was sad. He glanced at Levisia as he spoke. Whether he knew or not, his stare was quite explicit.
There is nothing I can say, even if he looks at me that way.
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Avoiding his eyes, she rubbed the back of her hand on her chin.
This kind of thing has been repeated ever since the incident on the pier.
They chatted about how shocked they were at someone’s power that had finished the monster, then as one of their voices get higher as they discussed the holder of that power, someone else expressed doubt about how that rumor was a lie.
“Such marvelous strength might not be so easy to hide, but no one is fessing up.”
Cassian closed another book and pushed it aside before opening another one. He, like Elizabeth, was quite busy.
“If so, all that can be said is that either someone used their power and was not aware of it, or everyone was hallucinating.”
Even though Cassian had made everyone in the port go through a mental breakdown.
Even if it was like that for Levisia or Jedian, it was questionable whether Elizabeth would gently let it slide.
Sure enough, Levisia could see Elizabeth’s eyebrows rising above the documents covering her face.
Perhaps Jedian also felt something tense in the air, he opened his mouth as if to soothe the atmosphere.
“But isn’t the latter more likely to happen than the former?”
“If so, I bet on Jedian!”
Siaphyl, who had been silent up until now, smiled as he butted in.
“Huh… Huh?”
Jedian croaked like a broken wheel on a carriage. Siaphyl didn’t care about his retort and widened his courteous smile.
“You said it was the wind that defeated the monster. I wasn’t there… but I think such wind would be Jedian’s power.”
Siaphyl, who was waving his legs under the sofa and talking skillfully, suddenly looked up at Levisia and tilted his head.
“Am I right, Levy?”
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His indecipherable blue eyes glistened beautifully. Levisia, at a loss for words, looked into his eyes and answered, turning her head,
“Yes, well…”
Oh, was that an insincere reaction?
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