Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 139

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Pausing briefly at the bottom of the stairs leading up the lighthouse, Levisia steeled herself for the long and arduous climb. She was already exhausted from the long walk around the pier, as well as running to and from the chaos. Her legs felt like they were about to give out. But she had to reach the lighthouse and warn those inside, as she could see that the light was in operation.
She began to climb the stairs, taking them two at a time in order to reach her destination quickly. But doing so had its downfall, as she was only a third of the way before she had to stop and catch her breath. Her heart felt like it was about to burst out of her chest, and her lungs and legs were burning. She was about to climb down and find some other way to alert those in the lighthouse when she heard something that made her blood run cold. There was no need for her turn around and face the ocean, as she could recognise the Kraken’s roar from earlier. Her desire to reach the lighthouse renewed, she heaved herself to her feet and started climbing the stairs again, using the railings to help her.
She was going to reach that lighthouse, no matter what.
Jenin, the head of the White Horse Knights, watched everything unfold from the safety of the hill overlooking the town. The civilians were all huddled behind him, setting up makeshift camps using supplies donated by the knights. Many were still calling out for their loved ones, but the majority of them were settling in and enjoying hot meals from the food tents. There was no telling how long they were going to be there, so it was his job to make them as comfortable as possible.
Somewhere, amongst all the chaos, the Kraidens were fixing the problem by killing the Kraken. He didn’t believe for a second that they would be successful, but at least they were doing something other than arguing with each other about who should be the next to rule the Empire. How convenient it was that as soon as the Kraken showed itself, the ruling family who all had powers happened to be in the area as part of their tour of the Southern regions.
And with them was Princess Levisia White, the Kraiden’s lapdog. Jenin knew that she needed to be saved, as the Kraidens would lose their minds, as well as their tempers if anything happened to her. However, his duty was with the people in the town, and he had to ensure their safety above all else. He had even seen the princess within the crowds when the people first began evacuating, and she had willingly returned to the pier and was now missing.
Jenin had better things to do with his time than track down one girl who thought it was a brilliant idea to run towards the danger rather than away from it. But to save face, he dispatched some of his knights to scour the area and find her, even if it is a glimpse. Anything to show that she was still alive.
Jenin moved to greet the knights who had returned from their trip, acknowledging them as they bowed before him.
“Any sign of the princess?” He asked, his arms folded. “Please tell me she hasn’t gotten herself swept away?”
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“Last we saw of her, sir, she was with the Kraidens. She then took off running towards the lighthouse. She paused about a third of the way up and then carried on going when the Kraken reappeared. We think she may be trying to warn those insides, sir.” One of the knights said as they lifted their helmets off. “She was moving too fast for us to keep up with her, sir.”
“So, she is going out of her way to help other people, for no personal gain. Maybe there is help for the girl after all.” Jenin said as he rubbed his chin. “Thank you. You may go take a rest whilst we wait for this situation to get under control. At least we know she is alive, for now at least.”
The knights bowed to him once more and walked into the camp. Jenin looked back over the town, frowning at the Kraken rearing above the ocean once more. Things were going to end in one of two ways. One: The Kraidens were successful in beating the beast and saving the two. Or two: they fail in their task, the Kraken wipes the town out, and everyone would lose their homes and jobs. The lives of every one were in the hands of the Imperial royal family, whether they liked it or not.
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