Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 137

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She reached the bottom of the hill and, just as she suspected, Merril stood before the Kraken, her head held out as she conjured the wall of water into thin threads. Water was her domain, and she was in her elements. With a flick of her hands, the vies of water started to wind around the Kraken’s body, pinning its tentacles in place. It started fighting back, thrashing out against its watery bindings.
“Elizabeth!” Merril cried out as she struggled against the Kraken. “Any time now would be nice!”
“Hold it still!” Elizabeth shouted back as electricity danced around her fingertips. “I can’t hit a moving target!”
“Just do it, for God’s sake!” Merril pulled harder against the Kraken, leaning backward to maintain her grip. “Before it breaks free!”
Levisia watched as Elizabeth stepped forwards and pressed her hands together, as if in prayer. The electricity between her fingertips increased in intensity until it was condensed into a tight ball. Only then did Elizabeth throw her arms out, the ball of electricity striking the Kraken. Because it moved at the same time as she launched her attack, it only struck one of its stray tentacles.
Levisia could only watch as the Kraken roared out, its cry causing her to wince and cover her ears. Though Elizabeth’s power had been enough to give it a shock, it hadn’t been enough to kill it outright. The Kraken’s movements were growing increasingly erratic, making it difficult for Merril to hold it in place. Levisia looked around for something to hold it in place, and her eyes fell onto Jedian. From what she could recall, Jedian had the powers of wind, same as Lidan. With Lidan nowhere to be seen, he would have to do.
“Jedian!” She rushed over to him and grabbed him by the shoulders. “Use your powers to hold it in place! Create a breeze strong enough that it cannot move, ensuring Elizabeth can land a clean hit!”
“I… I can’t…” Jedian looked down at his hands. “I’m not strong enough.”
“You are!” Levisia gave him a firm shake. “If you don’t, the Kraken will break free and everyone will die. Do you want that?”
“No, of course, I don’t.” Jedian snatched Levisia’s hands away from his shoulders. “Fine, if you think it will help.”
Levisia stepped back as Jedian approached the Kraken and raised up his hands. A strong gust of wind immediately filled the area, strong enough that Levisia hair was blowing around her despite her being behind him. But her plan worked, as the Kraken’s movements slowed enough that Elizabeth was able to prepare another attack.
“Elizabeth, don’t build up your power! Hit it with a continuous streak!” Levisia shouted over the sound of Jedian’s power. “It’s more effective!”
She couldn’t hear Elizabeth’s response, but she could see that Elizabeth was following her plan. With the combination of Merril, Jedian, and Elizabeth, the Kraken was quickly being brought under control.
“Mother? Father?”
Surprised by the sound of a child’s voice, Levisia looked around for the source. She found the child crying in a corner of the docks, one of her shoes lost. She recognized the child from before, back when she was on the hill. She rushed over and knelt down in front of her.
“What happened? Do you know where your mother went?”
The girl shook her head and sniffled. Levisia knew that the docks were empty save for the Kraidens who were busy fighting the Kraken. If she had to guess, the girl followed her to try and reach the boat where her father was and got lost along the way.
It was too dangerous for the child to stay where she was. Especially not with the fighting taking place only a few feet away. She looked back at the child and smiled sweetly.
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“Let’s go find your mother, shall we? I will help look for your father.” She got to her feet and held out a hand for the girl to take. The girl paused, biting her lip. Her gaze kept glancing over at the ship. After a brief pause, she reached out and took Levisia’s hand. As soon as Levisia turned around, however, she saw something that made her gasp in shock.
Due to the Kraken’s flailing about, the ships that were moored were on rough waters. One of the men on board had lost his grip and was soaring through the air.
Levisia turned her head and hurriedly covered the child’s eyes, as it was not the sort of thing a small child should be witnessing. She averted her gaze, as well as the man, landed in the ocean with a thud, his screams abruptly cutting short as he disappeared beneath the rough waves. She only hoped that it was not the girl’s father who had been thrown overboard.
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