Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 136

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“Now that we are all here, I would like to address the rumors that are circulating around about the ground seemingly dying.” Marchioness Vinhol drummed her fingers on her lap. “On your travels, have you encountered anything out of the ordinary?”
Levisia chewed on her lower lip, unsure if she should tell the Marchioness about what happened at the Mentine estate. On the one hand, she wanted to keep it a secret from everyone. On the other hand, she knew it would be safer for the Marchioness to know so that she was aware of the danger and could secure her border.
She kept quiet as the carriage rolled into the port and came to a halt. The salty sea breeze hit her as the door opened and she stepped down onto the cobblestoned path.
“You needn’t worry about anything taking place within my territory.” Marchioness Vinhol said as she stood next to Levisia, seemingly reading her thoughts. “The border remains intact, and is likely to break any time soon.” She pointed off into the distance, in the middle of the ocean. Levisia squinted until she could see a ship in the distance.
“Why is it located right out in the ocean?” She asked, glancing up at the Marchioness. “Seems like an odd place for a stone to be placed.”
“There is a reason for this. A long time ago, my ancestors said they wanted the people who made a living by fishing to lead richer lives. Thus they rode a ship out to the sea to place the boundary stone.”
“Ah! That way, even the sea is blessed.” Merril said, stroking her chin. “Your ancestors really did think of everything.”
“Yes, the fish are in plentiful supply. And, if I am allowed to be biased, we have the best tasting fish out of anywhere in the Empire. Now,” The Marchioness spun on her heels. “We should leave before the docks get too crowded. I can see the ship coming into the port, and soon all hands will be on deck to process the fresh catch.”
Levisia started walking away with everyone, but stopped in her tracks when she heard screaming. She spun back around to see the incoming ship swaying wildly from side to side, the ocean waves growing in intensity. She stood there horrified as she saw the men on board scrambling to drop the anchor.
“What’s happening?” Levisia began to speak, only to be cut off by an ear-piercing scream from Kori. She looked in the direction of where Kori was pointing, freezing in terror as a giant tentacle burst from beneath the waves. Followed by another, and then another. Soon, a creature emerged from the depths and trashed the stranded ship. The only thing Levisia could compare it to was an octopus, but one that was unlike she had ever seen. The sheer size was difficult to put into words.
Some people were running away, whilst others were unable to move as if they were frozen in fear like Levisia. The port, which had been full of life and vitality, quickly filled with screams and fear.
“The Kraken…” The Marchioness whispered under her breath. She quickly faced the terrified masses all standing before her. “Everyone, evacuate! Get to the top of the hill!” Her loud and commanding voice spurred everyone into action, and soon there was a stampede of people heading to safety away from the rampaging beast.
Levisia turned tail and ran with the crowds. She had lost sight of her companions, but she would find them later. For now, all she needed to do was get to safety. About halfway up the hill, she stopped to help a woman who had fallen down. She was screaming about how her husband was still on the boats moored at the docks. Levisia looked to see that the ships were now close to capsizing as the Kraken got ever closer.
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The woman grabbed hold of a child who was heading back to the shore. The child, a little girl around the age of seven or eight, was crying out for her father. Levisia could see they were distraught, and unsure what she could do to help, she closed her eyes and said a silent prayer.
After she finished her prayer, she opened her eyes and tried to help the woman to her feet. But the woman’s eyes were transfixed on something directly in front of her. Following her gaze, Levisia saw that a massive wall of water had raised in front of the pier.
“What the…” She said under her breath and set off running back to the dock, ignoring the woman’s wailing for her to stay put. There was only one person she knew who could create a wall of water that tall.
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