Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 131

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“Really? Well, in that case, why don’t you enlighten us on what you know, sister dearest.” He said in a mocking tone. “I’m sure Levy and I would be delighted to hear what you have to say.” Elizabeth reached out and lowered the blinds on both sides of the carriage. Now in near darkness, she leaned forwards in her seat. 
“Humans are weak because they can’t adapt to the blessing’s disappearance, but this land is not like that.” She began to talk, holding up a hand to silence Lidan when he opened his mouth to speak. 
“Kraiden from the beginning was built on rich soil. With fairies splashing in the rivers and fairy trees sprouting from the earth, it’s a land blessed only by its past. You’re saying this land, one that is so enriched with blessing, will perish only because a measly stone barrier is destroyed?”
“I see your point.” Lidan cupped his chin with his hand. “Do you think this is something that is man-made?”
“Yes, exactly. Something else is at work here. Something that we need to get to the bottom of sooner rather than later.”
Levisia, who had been sitting quietly in her seat, looked at Elizabeth and Lidan. Both of them looked troubled at the idea that there was an unknown force at work, something even they didn’t know. Even Lidan looked more concerned than usual, his usual flippant and carefree attitude nowhere to be seen. 
Levisia sat quietly in her seat, reeling in the tense atmosphere. She had a hunch that she shouldn’t hear any more than she already had. After all, she was not supposed to be involved with anything regarding the Kraiden Empire. 
“I think we’d better talk about something else, Your Grace.” She spoke a little louder than was needed, just to make it clear that she wanted to talk about something else. She would willingly take small talk over this awkward conversation. 
“Yes, I agree,” Lidan said, which surprised Levisia. It was very rare that the two of them saw eye to eye.  “It would be best if we stopped here, as Levy said.”
Despite the fact that Levisia and Lidan had expressed their intention to blatantly avoid the subject,  Elizabeth was not having any of it.
“Listen up.” She said, slamming her hands on her lap. “What is happening is not strictly limited to the South. Taking into account the reason why the fairy tree has suddenly begun to wither, the Emperor is even mindful of other countries intervening and possibly invading. This leads me to my theory: there’s a mole in the royal family, someone who is leaking our secrets out to other people who would wish to harm us. We will have to be suspicious of everyone who has access to the fairy tree.”
Levisia could not help but feel like she was being targeted by Elizabeth’s words, even though she had done nothing wrong. Lidan shuffled in his seat and pulled up the blinds a little to allow some light to enter the carriage. 
“Bold words, Liz. Are you really so certain that there is a mole within the Empire? Who would want to deliberately go out of their way to tamper with things?” He said, frowning so deeply that wrinkles appeared on his forehead. “And who would be crazy enough to do such a thing?” 
“I don’t know, and I wish I knew.” Elizabeth glanced down at Levisia. “Do you have any ideas, Levisia?” 
Levisia frantically shook her head. Elizabeth sharply exhaled through her nostrils and looked back at Lidan. 
“Regardless of my theory, we still need to be careful from here on out. We must be constantly aware of everything that is happening, especially around the fairy tree. I almost feel like we should set up a permanent guard post, and anyone who approaches it should be questioned.”
Levisia pulled open the blinds enough that she could see the scenery going outside the carriage. She knew that Elizabeth was suspicious of Pel, and would soon start doubting him. As soon as she was able to, she would alert Pel to what was happening, and try to keep him out of the spotlight for as long as she could. 
There was also the possibility that the mole in their midst could be a Kraiden themselves, wanting to sabotage from the inside. But she did not dare bring it up in front of Elizabeth, lest she is on receiving the end of her powers. Instead, she leaned against the window and tried to zone out what Elizabeth was saying. She had already heard too much, and hearing anymore would likely only land her in more trouble. Still tired out from her late-night adventure with Chetter and Viola, she closed her eyes and let the rocking of the carriage lull her into a fitful sleep. 
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