Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 127

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“Poor girl.” Levisia took Viola’s hand between her own, frowning at how cold her skin was. “Do you really think I can help her? What If I’m unable to do anything?” She hated feeling like she was unable to help. Even if she did have the power to heal, would it really be strong enough to help someone who is this far gone?
As she stroked Viola’s hand, she could hear someone talking in her head, as if they were standing beside her. She let out a yelp and dropped Viola’s hand, looking around her for the source of the voice. Her chair scraped along the floor as she leapt to her feet, startling Chetter in the process.
“Your Highness, are you alright?!” Chetter frowned at her. “Did something happen?”
“A voice. I heard a voice in my head. It was someone asking me what I wanted… I… No, I must be hearing things.” She said, sitting back down in her hand and shaking her head. “Sorry I startled you, Chetter. I sometimes feel like things are out of my control, you know? Like I am just going where the wind takes me, and I have no idea what to do. And… Sorry, didn’t mean to spill everything onto you.”
“It must be tough, having the Kraidens breathing down your neck.” Chetter laughed, though it was devoid of humour. “They do seem to crowd around you like they are demanding every second of your affection.”
“You have no idea. I almost wish they would leave me alone. Just like I wish I could do something to help Viola wake up. I…” Levisia started speaking before she was cut off by a small groan. Her eyes fell on Viola, who was now stirring slightly in her bed. Her eyes were still closed, but her lips were moving. Levisia leant in closer and could about make out that Viola was asking for water. She relayed the information back to Chetter, who raced out of the room and left her alone with Viola.
“Che… Chet…” Viola was trying to speak, her voice croaking. Levisia took the role of impromptu big sister and shushed her.
“It’s alright, Chetter is just getting you some water for your throat. My name is Levisia White. I’m a… An acquaintance of your brother.
“Oh, I see…” Viola coughed. “Well, it is nice to meet you, Levisia.” She leaned back against her pillows as Chetter came back with a large waterskin. He held it up to her lips and helped her drink, water pouring down Viola’s chin. Levisia picked up a tissue and used it to mop the spillage, rising from her chair and taking a step back as Chetter fretted over Viola.
She was still trying to wrap her head around what had just unfolded. First, she heard the voice in her head. Then she was talking to Chetter about how she wished she could make Viola better. And then Viola woke up. Levisia had only done what Chetter wanted her to do. She sat by Viola’s side, held her hand between her own, tried to use whatever power she had to help her wake up, wished she could heal Viola, and then it happened.
She glanced back at Viola. She still appeared sickly, with her skin ghostly white and her eyelids shrunken in, but she was laughing and joking along with Chetter as if she had never been sick in the first place. There was a hint of a rosy glow in her cheeks that was not there before.
Levisia walked over to the far end of the bedroom and sat down in another chair, her head in her hands. She could feel a headache forming, and she wanted nothing more than to go back to bed. But she knew she would have a hard time sleeping after what just happened. She was confused and wanted answers for what had happened. It wasn’t her powers that had cured Viola, it was the voice in her head. Or, at least, she was a vessel for whatever was inside of her to show off the powers.
“Your Highness?”
Levisia’s head shot up at her name being called. Chetter was sitting beside Viola, his eyes lightly misting over as if he was close to crying.
“Chetter. I don’t know what happened or how Viola woke up. I’m as confused as you are.” She said, holding her hands up. “I’m glad Viola is awake, but I…”
“It doesn’t matter how it happened, does it? Viola is getting better, and I have you to thank for it. So, thank you.” Chetter nodded to her before turning his attention back to his sister.
“You’re welcome, I guess…” Levisia said, sinking back into her chair. She so desperately wanted to go back to sleep.
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