Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 124

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Levisia was fast asleep when she was awoken by someone knocking on her door. Unsure if she had just imagined it, she sat up in bed and waited to see if whoever was would either knock again or leave her be. After a few seconds had passed, there was another knock at her door.
As she heaved herself out of bed, she checked the clock on the wall. The sun would not rise for a few more hours. So just who was paying her a visit at this hour?
Levisia threw on a heavy shawl and approached the door. She was expecting to see Elizabeth or some other Kraiden wanting to check on her. She prepared her best ‘I’m fine, please go back to bed’ speech, and twisted the door handle.
To her surprise, a servant was standing in the corridor outside her room. He hastily bowed to her.
“Forgive me, Your Highness. I am here by the request of my master, Chetter Mentine.” The servant said as he stood up straight. “He wanted to speak to you before you left in the morning.”
“Chetter?” Levisia wanted to believe that this was some elaborate joke, but the way the servant looked at her suggested that it was not. “What does Chetter want with me?”
“Please, Your Highness, he did not inform me of his reasons. He simply asked me to fetch you.” The servant replied meekly. Levisia frowned, unsure of how to respond to the situation. Part of her wanted to tell the servant to tell Chetter that she was going back to bed and whatever he wanted to tell her could wait. But the other part of her wanted to hear what he would say.
“Alright, I will give him ten minutes of my time, and then I am going to bed,” Levisia said as she pulled on her old boots that were laying by the door. As she was about to walk away, she felt someone grabbing her arm from behind. She snatched it away and spun around to see Sheila shaking her head.
“You seriously cannot be going with them, Your Highness!” She cried, a frantic expression on her face. “How do you know he is telling the truth?!”
“I am not a child, Sheila! I am old enough to make my own decisions and I have decided that this man is telling the truth. And if he is lying, and I get into trouble, then it is my own fault and I will deal with it. And I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself.” Levisia spun on her heels. “Go back to bed, Sheila. This does not concern you. This is between me and Chetter. No one else.”
Leaving Sheila speechless in the hallway, she followed the servant close behind, her eyes staring into his back. She did feel a hint of regret over how she spoke to Sheila, but she meant what she said. She was a grown woman who could make her own decisions without needing her servants, or the Kraidens, constantly breathing down her neck.
“We’re nearly there.” The servant stuttered as he led her deeper into a part of the manor she had never been before. “Was everything alright between you and your servant?”
“Yes, everything is fine.” Levisia knew that Sheila would have gone to Pel to tell him everything, and she wanted the conversation to be over and done with before he could intervene. “How much further to go?”
“We’re here. Chetter is waiting for you.” The servant stopped and bowed to Levisia, before opening her door to allow her to enter. “I will wait outside to escort you back to your quarters when you are finished.”
“Thank you. I suspect it won’t be long.” Levisia walked into the room, which was barren save for two armchairs placed in front of a roaring fire. The drapes had been pulled back to reveal the moonlight shining in. She held her guard up when she saw Chetter rising from one of the chairs.
Naturally, she couldn’t help but think of the disturbance that had taken place during the day, when Chetter had grabbed her hand and ruffled the feathers of the Kraidens. Was he wanting to meet her to further discuss what had happened?
“I apologize for calling you at this hour, Your Highness.” Chetter said, holding his hands behind his pace and walking towards her. “I have but a small favour to ask of you if you be willing to listen.”
A favour? What favour did he need for?
She had already seemed to cure him of whatever ailment was troubling him, even if it was because of him grabbing her hand. But it did explain why he wanted to see her so late.
Because tomorrow, she had to leave this estate. she would be gone by the time the sun had finished rising.
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