Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 123

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“I don’t feel any different,” Levisia said as she reluctantly unlocked the door. She wanted to stay in her room, but she was also incredibly hungry. Out in the hallway, she bumped into Sheila who was emerging from her own room. She let out a yawn that seemed to originate from her soul.
“Oh, are you talking about the strange atmosphere of this place? Now that you mention it, I also haven’t been feeling well since coming here. But it may just be all in my head.”
“Well, you can’t ignore that you’ve gotten older,” Pel said without any hesitation, prompting Sheila to glare at him. Levisia also thought that he had been quite rude, yet she still suppressed a giggle as she faced Sheila.
“You’re probably just tired from the journey, Sheila.” She offered as they all walked towards the staircase. She couldn’t deny that the mood surrounding the Mentine estate was odd, and as she was an outsider, she felt that something fishy was going on in this place. And that had nothing to do with the estate. “Tomorrow we leave, so don’t worry too much.”
She was here on the inspection team, but everyone knew she was on the sideline. No one expected anything from her nor did anyone ask her to get involved in anything. Her goal was to stay out of sight as much as possible. Having said that, she felt like she had become a piece of luggage, following such busy people.
As she headed into lunch with Pel and Sheila, she felt someone grab hold of her hand and let out a shriek. Pel immediately spun around and snatched her hand away, glowering at the person behind her.
“Oh, I’m so sorry…”
Levisia turned around to see someone frantically apologising to her. He stepped forwards and dipped into a low bow.  She recognised him as Chetter Mentine, the eldest son of the Count. And next to him, Elizabeth had a look on her face that suggested she was close to killing him and hiding the body.
“Forgive me, Your Highness. It’s just that… Your hand.” Chetter looked down at his own hands. “For the past few days, I have been struck down with a mysterious illness that has left me feeling lethargic and tired. But you… One touch of your hand and I felt all that disappear.”
Chetter rambled on about how Levisia had saved his life, as Levisia looked around and made eye contact with Lidan. For the first time ever, they both seemed to share the same thoughts: confusion as to what Chetter was talking about.
Looking back at Chetter, Levisia thought back to Rayne, and how he had been before and after her visit. She hadn’t done anything particularly special to him, and yet he acted like she had given him another chance of life.
“Princess Levisia!” Chetter grabbed hold of Levisia’s hands again, causing Elizabeth to let out an audible hiss. “Could it be that you are blessed? Have you received the blessing of the fairy king himself?”
“I… What?!” Levisia yanked her hands away. Was she blessed with the ability to heal someone of their illnesses and cure what ails them? Did she truly possess such a gift? Could that be the reason she showed no signs of having abilities like Elizabeth and Lidan? She clenched her hands into fists and firmly shook her head. She refused to believe it. There was no way she could do such a thing. And even if she could, there was no way she was going to publicly admit it.
“Chetter, I apologise, but I believe you are mistaken.” She said, trying to keep her voice level and calm. She gestured to Elizabeth with her head that she wanted to leave the situation behind, and fortunately, Elizabeth was quick to respond. In a rare display of teamwork, the Kraidens all crowded around Levisia to shield her from Chetter. Now out of sight, Levisia buried her head in her hands. There was no way she possessed such a power, one that she didn’t even know she had. None of the Kraidens had informed her of this, and she always thought that it was just her company that made people feel better. She didn’t know it was an actual ability she had. And what would the Kraidens make of it? Would they force her to use her powers against her will?
“Come along, Levisia. We are leaving.” Elizabeth shielded her with her arms and led her down another corridor away from Chetter.
“How did he know?” Levisia asked, looking up from her hands. “How did he know to grab my hand? Did he know about my power, or was he grabbing my hand for the sake of it?”
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