Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 112

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As Levisia was reading within her carriage, she heard movement from around her. She lowered her book and shuffled over in her carriage, waiting for Elizabeth and Merril to enter. To her confusion, there was no sign of either of them. She waited for around five more minutes, just in case they were doing last minute checks. When there was still no sign of them, Levisia frowned and lowered her book. She climbed out of the carriage and looked around to see tents had been set up in a clearing not far from where the carriages had been parked.
“Merril, what’s going on here?” She asked, her arms folded. She was trying out her new tactic of making the Kraidens dislike her, and as a result, she spoke to Merril as if she was below her.
“Isn’t it obvious? We’re camping.” Merril said, not bothering to look behind her as she carried luggage into one of the tents. “We were meant to be staying at the Tehin estate, but it doesn’t look like we will make it in time. So, we’re camping for the night.”
Levisia looked up at the sun still high in the sky. It couldn’t have been later than two in the afternoon.
“But surely we could have made it.” She said, “It can’t be that far!”
“Look, I don’t make the rules.” Merril shrugged, then threw a bag at Levisia. “Why, are you scared?”
“Why would I be scared?” Levisia clutched her bag. “We’re surrounded by armed soldiers who will protect us.
“Not even they can save us from the beasts that roam the woods. There are reports that they howl once the moon rises.”
Merril leapt out at her, and Levisia barely managed not to flinch. She was still trying her hardest to not let Merril get under her skin, and she came very close to succeeding.
“Well, I am certain that these talks are just ghost stories children tell to each other. Stories that have gotten out of hand.” Levisia looked around at the tents. “Which one is mine?”
Merril pointed to a tent nearby, and then stepped forwards until her face was pressed up against Levisia’s.
“You can always share my tent if you’re scared. It’ll be really cosy with the two of us.”
Levisia froze in place. Even though she was afraid there might be beasts roaming the woods, their cries echoing in the night sky, the thought of sharing a tent with Merril filled her with more dread. She put on her biggest smile and shook her head.
“No, thank you. I will manage by myself, thank you.” She stepped to one side and walked towards her tent. Then, feeling a wave of confidence come over her, she turned around to face Merril. “If you’re scared, maybe you should get Elizabeth to stay with you. I’m sure she would love to.”
Smirking at Merril’s stunned expression, Levisia turned back around and continued walking to her tent. Inside, it was bare bones, with only a futon laid out for her to sleep on. On top of the futon was a blanket and single pillow. It was clear that they were only meant as a temporary measure, rather than a long stay. Levisia yearned for a soft bed with pillows, but knew that she had to suck it up. It was only for one night, how bad could it be?
She dropped her bag on the ground beside the futon and laid out the blanket and pillow. As she sat down, she realised that she had left her book behind in the carriage. The only way out was to face Merril again. Levisia stood up tall and threw her head back. She was not going to be intimidated by Merril.
Outside the tent, Levisia saw no sign of the Kraidens as she made her way through the camp. Despite trying to keep her confidence levels high, she still walked quickly towards the carriages. She breathed a sigh of relief when she found her book, and felt a sense of euphoria when she came back to the camp to see Merril heading into the woods after Elizabeth. Content to let the sisters deal with themselves, she ducked into her tent and waited for food to be prepared.
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