Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 104

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Chapter 104 – The Puppeteers and the Puppet
A few hours into the journey, with Elizabeth working on her papers and Levisia reading her book, the carriage came to a halt. Levisia put her book down and peered out the window. The sun was high in the sky, showing that some time had passed.
Levisia saw people getting out of their respective carriages; mostly maids and servants.
“We’ll eat lunch in this carriage.” Elizabeth said, placing her papers on the seat next to her. A minute later, someone knocked at the door.
“Your Highness. It’s me, Helga.”
“You may enter.” Elizabeth called out. Helga opened the door and peered her into the carriage. She quickly went over what was available to order.
“What should I prepare, Your Highness?” She said, her gaze switching between Elizabeth and Levisia.
“It’s up to you.” Elizabeth waved Helga away.
Helga smiled gently as if she was used to this sort of behavior, and turned to face Levisia.
“And for you, Your Highness?”
Levisia had long since forgotten what was available. In a state of panic, she nodded at Elizabeth. “I’ll take the same thing as Princess Elizabeth.” She said, praying that whatever Elizabeth had ordered would be to her liking.
Helga bowed and left. As she walked away, Levisia spotted Pel walking out of a tent that had been set up as part of a makeshift camp. He bumped into Helga, and struck up a conversation with her. They were too far for her to hear them, though she was close enough to hear Lidan complain about the cramped conditions within the carriage.
Before Levisia could do anything, Elizabeth reached over and slammed the carriage door shut and drew the curtains shut.
Levisia looked at Elizabeth, who waved her hands to indicate her to be quiet.
“Is that you, Elizabeth?” Lidan said from outside the carriage. “I’m sure I saw your pretty face within this carriage?”
Both Elizabeth and Levisia sat in silence as Lidan approached the carriage, his voice getting closer. Levisia had no idea what Elizabeth wanted such secrecy, but it was enough for her to remain quiet and hope that he went away.
“Prince Lidan, your meal is ready. Where will you be eating?”
“The sun is beaming down strong, so bring it to my carriage.” Lidan replied to the unknown voice, and soon his footsteps could be heard indicating that he was walking away from the carriage.
Elizabeth waited a couple more minutes before breathing out a sigh of relief, her hand over her heart. Levisia immediately realised what was happening.
“Prince Lidan. He doesn’t know that I am part of the inspection team, does he? That’s why you said we should eat in the carriage.”
After a brief period of silence, Elizabeth nodded. Levisia was surprised that there had been no curt remark from her. And she was equally shocked at the lengths Elizabeth was going to in order to keep her involvement a secret from everyone, including the rest of the Kraidens.
With Elizabeth refusing to go into more detail, Levisia continued reading her book until Helga returned with their food. It was a bowl of stew and vegetables, complete with a couple of dumplings. Levisia cautiously took a spoonful of the stew, and though the meat was tasteless, it was at least soft enough that it melted in her mouth. The vegetables and dumplings weren’t too bad, either.
As she ate her food, she tried not to think about Helga and Pel having their little conversation. Helga hadn’t given any indication that Pel had talked to her, and there was no sign of Sheila being panicked about Pel leaving their carriage.
Frustrated that no one was giving her any straight answers, she stabbed her dumpling with her spoon and ripped into it with her teeth. It was incredibly undignified with her to eat in such a manner, but she was frustrated at not being in control of her own life.
After their meals had been eaten, Elizabeth summoned Helga to take hers and Levisia’s bowls away. Now feeling stuffy within the cramped carriage, Levisia longed to lay outside on the grass. However, she knew that it would be best for her to stay within the carriage to avoid the Kraidens.
She was staring at the grass swaying gently in the breeze, longing to feel it between her fingers, when Helga appeared at the carriage once more.
“Your Highness, a word please.”
With a heavy sigh, Elizabeth climbed down from the carriage and looked back at Levisia.
“Stay here, don’t go anywhere else.” She said, before walking away with Helga. Levisia watched her go, the light breeze feeling good against her face. She spotted Pel leaving his carriage, and couldn’t help but smile at him. His gaze caught hers, and he sauntered his way over towards her.
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