Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 100

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Chapter 100 – Withering Fairy Trees
Elizabeth’s eyes widened in shock at the announcement of Aurora’s arrival. Aurora would be back after the winter semester, and she was not the sort of to rush back home without graduating. However, as refreshing to see Aurora again after many years, Elizabeth could not help but feel as though there was an ulterior motive.
“What’s going on in the southern territory?” Lidan asked, his expression of confusion mirrored on his siblings.
“Lately I’ve received reports about some abnormalities going on around this empire.” The Emperor looked down at the siblings. “They state that trees have withered and crops have rotted. Areas of the ground have turned black. They say that no life can be saved from the blackened land, so it seems that it is not a matter to be taken lightly. Though, strangely, the reports are only coming from the south. There haven’t been any reports of it from other regions.”
“How strange.” Siaphyl mumbled, lifting his head as if he had just realised something. “Your Majesty, don’t tell me the phenomenon is related to when the fairy trees started withering.”
A silence fell over the room as everyone took in what Siaphyl had said.
“Can this strange phenomenon of the ground being contaminated be seen as a principle of cause and effect?” Elizabeth asked, breaking the uncomfortably long silence. In a time where an unexpectedly large amount of blessed children were being born, fairy trees started to wither and unprecedented phenomena have occurred. She thought about if it was possible to tie it to one person, and gasped at the face that came to her mind. Levisia White. She could also be seen as something ‘unusual’ that has never been seen before.
Elizabeth shook her head, as Cassian tilted his head and looked up at the Emperor.
“If that’s the case, then the purpose of this inspection is to examine the land?” He asked, sounding like such a task was beneath him.
“Correct. It’s a problem that could cause future problems within the Empire. If my generation cannot solve what is going on, then it will fall to your generation. You are dismissed.”
As Elizabeth left the audience chamber with her siblings, she was lost in her thoughts. She needed to get some fresh air, and get away from the conspiracy theories Lidan was spouting out about what could be causing the strange occurrences.
Walking out of the palace, she set off in a random direction, with no idea where she was going. Not that she cared, much. It was more to help her ease her mind.
* * *
After what seemed like hours of walking, Elizabeth stopped to examine the place she had arrived at: Reign Moore’s manor. She let out a small laugh, as she often stopped by Reign’s after walking aimlessly when she had a lot on her mind. Though she had no idea why she ended up there. It was one of those habits she was not aware of until it happened.
The estate was, fortunately, empty when Elizbeth snuck through the gates. It wasn’t as though she was forbidden, it was more that she wanted to avoid talking to other people. At the front door, she stopped and held her hand in front of the door. Was she really going to bother Reign with her problems? With a heavy sigh, she made her choice and knocked on the door three times.
“This is so stupid. What am I doing here?” She said to herself, annoyed that she was second guessing herself immediately after making up her mind. As she turned to leave, the door opened behind her. She turned to see Reign standing there, looking at her with a smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes. Elizabeth noticed immediately that he seemed to be on edge.
“Elizabeth, what a pleasant surprise. What brings you here? I trust everything is alright?” Reign said, stepping to the side to allow her to enter. Elizabeth entered the manor, staying silent when Reign closed the door behind her. He led her into the main reception room, where she sank into one of the plush leather couches. Reign sat down opposite her in a leather armchair, one leg resting over the other.
With her feet resting after all the walking she had done, she stopped to take in Reign’s appearance. Unlike the last time she had seen him, he was not covered in sweat, and his lips weren’t blue. It looked like he really has gotten better. She frowned, wondering how Reign, who had been affected by the fairy trees, had recovered like that?
Reign, obviously noticing Elizabeth staring at him, shuffled awkwardly in his seat and seemed to curl in on himself.
“What? Is there something on my face?” He ran his fingers over his face. “What’s with the intense stare? I feel like I am being scrutinised.”
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