Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 95

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Chapter 95 – All I Ask
“So you finally admit it, then? You admit that you are Farrid Roycal?” Levisia swatted his hand away. “Why did you fight so hard to claim that you were not?”
Pel’s shaky eyes changed that instant. They were so distant that they seemed to be looking at the existence of another world.
“What if I approached you to take advantage of you?” Pel said, changing the subject. He once again tried to comb his fingers through her hair, but Levisia was ready for him. She shuffled away, causing Pel to chuckle under his breath.
“Who would freeze up like this after looking into my eyes, so fearlessly?” He said, tilting his head at her. “You made all those bold claims, and now you scurry away into the shadows.”
Levisia closed her eyes and looked away. The way Pel was able to turn the conversation around made her think that she had been mistaken of him all along, just as he had said.
And yet, the instant he reached out to touch her hand, she knew that she had been right all along.
She opened her eyes and spun round to face Pel. With little warning, she grabbed his arm, her blood now boiling. He had been fighting hard to hide his true identity, and had very nearly convinced her that she was wrong, but now she had had enough.
“You talk like that, but why is your hand shaking?” She spat, fire burning in her eyes as she glared daggers at Pel. His hand was trembling slightly. She wouldn’t have noticed this if his cold words and face and eyes had distracted her. In fact, Pel, who had threatened her a while ago, was so sincere that Levisia would have been fooled if it weren’t for his damn hands. But still, she figured it out eventually: everything was Pel’s lie.
He bit his lip and tried to back away, but Levisia held onto his arm with an iron grip. Given that he didn’t even make excuses, he hadn’t expected to be caught.
“I’m right, you know I am. Even if given the chance, you couldn’t harm me. You proved it yourself, just now. I was right there; you could have silenced me to keep your secret from reaching the ears who would love to know where you are. And yet, you did nothing except gently take my hand.”
Pel couldn’t say a word. With his head bowed and his body turned away, he only looked down at his other hand, which was also trembling. It was like he blames himself. Her anger fading, Levisia reached out to take his other hand. Having his hands pressed between hers definitely made the shaking subside.
“It’s not your fault.” She smiled weakly at him. “What do you do when you’re a kind person by nature?”
“Do you know that sounds like a total insult to me right now?” Pel avoided her gaze, his will to fight gone.
“But it’s a compliment.” Levisia patted his hands. “There is nothing wrong with being kind hearted. You may hide beneath this tough exterior, but keep down I can see you have a good heart.”
Pel awkwardly shuffled on the bench and looked at the hand that was still wrapped in a bandage.
“Let go of me… Isn’t your hand injured?” He wiggled his hands free. “You’ll hurt yourself holding me like that.”
“You’re even worried about me now, in this situation?” Levisia laughed. “You’re too k–”
Pel shushed her and covered her mouth with his hands. He looked like he didn’t want to hear the words ‘nice’ or ‘kind’.
“I really don’t know what to do with you…” He sighed, his body sagging like he had no idea what to even do with himself.
Levisia ducked her head away from Pel’s hands, lowering them with hers.
“I know what you have to do. You have to not ignore me, and not let me out of your sight. Because you don’t know where I might go around talking about your identity.”
All the colour drained from Pel’s face when she finished talking. She tried not to take any satisfaction from doing so, but she couldn’t help the smile that spread across her face.
“Is that a threat?” Pel hissed at her.
“It is if you take it as one.” She replied, affectionately patting him on the shoulders and giggling.
“No, it sounds like you want it to be.” Pel seemed to shrink further in on himself. Levisia didn’t miss how he seemed to mentally kick himself for allowing her to back him into a corner, from which there was no way out.
“Correct. I’m asking you to do that.” Levisia giggled some more. “I’ve said that from the beginning. Stop avoiding me. That’s all I want.
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