Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 94

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Chapter 94 – Everything Unmasked
The next morning, Pel and Levisia walked around the palace gardens. Despite what Pel had said, about how they would ‘clear the air between them’, the tension was palpable. Levisia had thought about what she wanted to say, and had decided to confront him about his true identity.
As they came across a bench surrounded by roses, Levisia stopped and cleared her throat.
“Farrid.” She called out. They were in a secluded area of the gardens, so there was no danger of them being overheard. Despite that, Pel froze in place. Levisia wondered if she had kept quiet, but that thought  disappeared like a bubble. She’d already cross the line; no use in crying over spilled milk now. Especially as she was the one to spill it.
“That name…” Pel murmured, in disbelief. He spun round to face Levisia, his expression unreadable.
“Farrid. I know you’re the last prince of Roycal Kingdom.” Levisia said, sensing that there was no way back from what she had done.
“What nonsense are you talking about?” Pel tried to appear unfazed, but Levisia had already seen the look of horror in his face.
“Why else would you have this?” Levisia took out the necklace with the horn pendant that Lidan had returned to her and waved it in front of him. “This necklace is made from the last descendant of the Roycal Kingdom. You said it was a keepsake from your mother.”
“I don’t know how my mother came into possession of that…” Pel started to back away, but Levisia was having none of it.
“It’s possible that she’s the Dowager Queen of the Roycal Kingdom.” Levisia waved the necklace once more and tucked it back around her neck. She could hear Pel’s teeth grinding, a clear sign that he was nervous.
“If I’m the last prince of Roycal like you say I am, why would I be a servant to you?” Pel scoffed, and Levisia stopped for a moment to think. She’d had that question running around her head, and hadn’t come up with an answer. Was he hiding his identity and working as a servant for her so he could collect information about the Kraiden Kingdom while hiding under the king’s nose?
“To be a spy for the Roycal Kingdom, and spill the secrets of the Kraiden Kingdom.” She said bitterly. Pel threw his head back and laughed sharply, “Do you know how ridiculous that sounds right now? You claiming that I am the lost prince. I called out here to clear the air between us, not to accuse each other of someone we’re not!” He walked forwards until he was looming over her. “If I am who you say I am, you would have taken your last breath the moment you uttered that name.”
Levisia knew that she was being threatened. If she had thoughtlessly revealed his true identity, she might have backed down in fear. But she refused to do so, standing her ground even as Pel glared at her.
“But you didn’t do a thing.” She said, smiling up at him. “You can claim not to be a prince all you want, but maybe it’s because you don’t intend to go against me.”
Pel flinched and backed away. Levisia grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him down to her level.
“Am I wrong?” She said, staring directly at him. “Even while you were blunt and rude to people, you were always friendly and always cared about me. You said you would wipe away the tears of a child you were not close to and be on her side, and even though she was from the country that destroyed yours, you didn’t do any false favors.”
Levisia didn’t stop talking even when she saw Pel’s face twist with discomfort.
“You always treated me with unfabricated kindness and was always there for me even when you didn’t understand my ways. You kept your distance, but you were worried about me and left medicine at the door. All of this is you, so how could I not know you?”
“Stop… please stop.” Pel crumpled, his knees about to give way. Levisia guided him over to the bench to allow him to sit down before he collapsed.
“I’m not finished, Pel.” She said, standing up tall. “I…”
“Levy, please!” Pel reached up to yank Levisia onto the bench beside him. She was too stunned by the unfamiliar nickname to properly react, only realising that she was sitting down when her knee hit the bench with enough force to cause her yell out.
“How can I guarantee that everything I did was from the heart? I could have been lying for you all know.” Pel gingerly swept Levisia’s hair behind her ears. He let out a defeated sigh. “I should’ve kept hiding it even if you noticed it. Even if you believed me, you should have thought that it might be a lie.”
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