Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 91

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Chapter 91 – Only the Truth
Levisia felt like she was going round in circles with him, and that no matter what she said it was going to be thrown back at her face.
“Well, what do you want me to say? That I am worried about you and left you the lotion?” Pel scoffed. He leant against the doorframe with his arms folded. “There, I just said it right now. Satisfied?”
Levisia shook her head. She knew that he was only saying that because that was what she wanted to hear, not what he wanted to say.
“Tell me what you want to say, not what I want to hear.” She pleaded. “I’m not trying to enter your room, I promise. We cannot keep going on like this, Pel. Please, just talk to me. Talk, and I will listen. What’s happening between us?”
Pel only cleared his throat and gestured to the hand holding the candelabra.
“The lotion. Did it work?”
“Oh, well. I think so.” Levisia handed the candelabra to Pel and lowered satchel to the ground. She unwrapped the bandage to show Pel her blister. Though it was still bulbous in shape, the swelling surrounding it had faded and it no longer ached to the touch, as evidenced by how she was able to hold the candelabra without feeling any pain.
“Wrap it up in a fresh bandage for tonight. And make sure you clean it as well. Blisters are nasty business.” Pel awkwardly cleared his throat and handed her the candelabra. “Now, it is late and we should both be in bed. Goodnight, Levisia.”
“Goodnight Pel. No, wait!” She stepped into Pel’s room, despite saying that she wouldn’t. She was that desperate for him to actually talk to her. “You didn’t answer my question!”
Pel signed, a heavy sound that came from deep within his soul.
“Alright, come in then. Just don’t touch anything.” He stepped to one side to let her enter.
“Thank you.” Levisia gathered up the satchel and stepped fully into his room. Much to Levisia’s surprise, it was different from the last time she was there. Gone was the mess where all of his belongings were strewn about the place. There were no books piled up on the floor, no clothes hanging out of his wardrobe. Everything was immaculately clean, and Levisia couldn’t help but feel a little put off by it all. She was so used to the state of his room that everything else felt wrong.
“Have you been decorating?” Levisia asked as she placed her candelabra onto a table and dropped her bag by the door.
“More like I did a bit of tidying up.” Pel pushed past her and draped himself over a chair, his legs resting over one of the arms. “You said you wanted to talk. So talk.”
Levisia shuffled over to his desk where she found his travelling cloak and wig resting on it, alongside a book that was opened and bookmarked. She glanced over to read it, her gaze falling onto a passage about how to deal with blistered skin.
“Tell me the truth, Pel. None of these half-truths where you hide behind your words.” Levisia sat in a chair that was facing Pel. “Did you get the lotion because you wanted to, or because Sheila told you to? Which one is it?” She stared down at him, willing him to give her a straight answer.
Pel twitched his fingers and kicked his legs back over until he was sat properly. He leant over rested his elbows on his knees.
“Sheila told me that you had injured your hand as a result of training. I asked what was bothering you, she said it was a blister, and I looked up how to treat it. I then went out and fetched the lotion and left it at your door. Are you satisfied now?”
Levisia sat back in her chair and looked down at her hands. She couldn’t stop the smile that was creeping across her face as ran a finger over her injured hand.
“Yes, I am. Pel, there is no need for us to keep going like this. Avoiding each other and not talking. It’s not just uncomfortable for us. It’s making everyone else uncomfortable. Even the Kraidens are beginning to notice. They constantly ask about you and what’s going with you.” Levisia got to her feet and smoothed down her dress. “Thank you for the lotion. And I will stop by the infirmary to get a fresh bandage. Goodnight, Pel. For real, this time.”
She hoisted the bag over her shoulder and picked up her candelabra. She gave Pel one last smile before turning to leave.
“Wait, Levisia.”
Levisia stopped and spun round to see Pel grasping his hands together.
“You’re here, so we may clear the air between us. For everyone’s sake.”
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