Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 90

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Chapter 90 – Estranged Relationship
Levisia could not understand why Pel was behaving the way he was, or how long they were going to keep avoiding each other. She was disappointed, but had grown accustomed to it. Too tired to think about everything fully, she decided to rest with a good book. She politely turned down Sheila’s offer for food, and returned to her own bedroom. After spending all day out training, she needed some alone time.
Levisia curled up in her armchair with a book, but before she could fully get immersed, there was a sharp knock at her door.
“I’m coming,” she called out as she heaved herself from her chair and placed her book on a table.
However, when she opened the door, there was no one outside. In the light originating from her room, she could see a satchel had been left by her door.
She bent down to examine the contents, rummaging in the satchel to find a container full of a lotion of sorts. Popping the lid off, she got a whiff of something strong and medicinal. With the lid firmly back in place, Levisia found a handwritten note in the satchel.
“Apply this into the affected area once a day.” She read, frowning. There were no other instructions, so she assumed it was for her hand which had now formed into a blister. Using her teeth and other hand, she unwrapped her bandage. Uncorking the bottle of lotion, she splashed some of it onto her hand. Though there were no immediate changes, she could feel her skin burning and cursed whoever left the bottle there for her to injure herself even more.
And then, blissfully, the pain disappeared and the swelling in her hand seemed to subside. Re-bandaging her hand, Levisia fastened the bottle back up and looked back at the note. Only then did she recognise the handwriting as Pel’s.
It made sense for Pel’s handwriting to be neat, as he was potentially a long-lost prince. But that still did not explain why he went out of his way to deliver her the lotion to help sooth her blistered hand. Especially when he was supposed to be avoiding her.
So he was either worried about her when he was pretending not to be, or Sheila pressured him into getting the medicine for her.
The only way for her to know for certain was to confront him.
Tucking the lotion back into the satchel, Levisia got to her feet and slung it over her shoulder. In her bandaged hand, she held a candelabra and set off towards Pel’s bedroom on the other end of the palace. As she marched over there, she wondered just why, if he was following Sheila’s orders, he bothered to obey them in the first place. He could have easily ignored her like he had been ignoring Levisia, and gone about his business.
She reached his door and, using her free hand, knocked firmly on the door.
“Pel, it’s me, Levisia. Could you open the door please?” She said, knocking again when there was no response.
There was a chance he could be in his room, and pretending not to be in, or he could genuinely be out. Her question was soon answered when she spotted a shadow beneath his door.
Levisia knocked on the door again with a bit more force.
“I know you’re in there, Pel. I’m not coming out until you’ve answered me.” She knocked a little harder until she was banging on the door, and leant against the wall opposite his door. Sooner or later, he would have to leave his bedroom and face her.
Her patience wearing thin, Levisia stormed over to hammer on the door again, only for it to swing open as she got close. Pel glared at her from the other side, his other hand plastered on his hip.
“What do you want, Levisia?” he snapped. His gaze moved from the bandage around her hand and her face. “Go back to your room. It’s late and you should be resting.”
Levisia ignored the awkward tension between them and held up the bag containing the lotion.
“You left this by my bedroom. Were you really that worried about me that you would go out of your way to do this? After ignoring me for days on end?”
“I only did it because Sheila asked me to. She said you’d hurt your hand and to deliver some lotion for you.” Pel said, shrugging. “Goodnight, Your Highness.” He went to shut his bedroom door but Levisia caught it with her hand and held it open.
“Regardless of whether you got it of your free will or if Sheila told you to, you’re the one who left it by my door and knocked to get my attention.” Levisia said, staring straight into Pel’s face.
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