Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 84

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Chapter 84 – Fetching the Little Sister
As Levisia stared silently at Elizabeth’s hand, she clasped her hands together, unsure of what to do.
“Come on, Levy.” Elizabeth said, gesturing with her hand
Levisia couldn’t ignore the presence behind her. Just as Pel had protected her from the information specialists at the rest area, she also wanted to protect Pel from Elizabeth’s eyes, but nothing seemed to help.
A moment of her hesitation seemed to reach Pel. He lowered his head and whispered from behind her, his voice barely audible.
“Just go.” “If you’re with her, you’ll get out of here safely. As for me, I’ll head back to the palace after I come in contact with Hector.”
Levisia turned to face Pel. She was about to ask him how he was going to get out of here, when the look in his eyes made her words die in her throat.
His sunken eyes were full of unknown emotions, and Levisia could easily tell that those feelings weren’t exactly positive ones.
“You don’t need to worry about me.”
His words hit her like a falling brick. He had put up a wall around himself, giving her an odd sense of distance from him.
Levisia turned back around to face Elizabeth, and Pel quietly nudged her forwards. All that was left was for her to take a step forward. However, she found herself rooted in place. When she glanced over her shoulder to look at Pel, a gust of wind blew through her hair.
“I also have some unfinished business with her.”
As she snapped her head back around, a man wearing a mask half-covered in jewels. He slid off his mask and smiled, his grin unnaturally wide.
Leivisia recognised his mask as the one worn by the same man who had won the necklace. It was Lidan. He tossed his mask down to the ground and pulled out a purple box from his pocket.
Levisia instinctively knew that the box contained Pel’s necklace, judging by the way he playfully shook the box in front of her.
“Now that you know that I have this, are you going to take my hand instead of Elizabeth’s?”
“Bastard…” Elizabeth cursed under her breath, her hand balled in a fist. When a spark flew from her hand towards the ground, Lidan put the box back in his pocket and laughed cheekily.
“Well, let’s just save that for later. Just like Elizabeth said, come on, Levy.” Lidan’s hand was reaching out. His eyes turned sharp when he caught sight of Pel. “But that doesn’t mean I’ll let him go.”
Levisia quickly spun round to protect Pel from Lidan’s gaze.
“Come now, no need to be like that. How about you take your mask off? I’ve already taken mine off; don’t hurt my feelings.”
A twirling hand gesture accompanied his words. The sudden gust of wind threatened to blow Pel’s mask off.
Levisia yanked Pel’s robe off and
threw it over his face.
“Why did you do that?” Pel demanded, clearly confused about Levisia’s actions.
“Levy? What are you doing?” Lidan said, as he gathered up his powers. “There is no need to be so shy about this.”
“I heard that you came looking for me.” Levisia turned to face Lidan, her head held high. She was going to stand her ground, no matter what.
“That’s right, but―”
“If that’s the case, don’t touch this man; take only me.” Levisia interrupted Lidan, holding out her hand.
She had no idea her deal would work for Lidan and Elizabeth. She knew that the two were giving her special treatment, but she also knew that soon it would be no different than showing love and affection to a bug. The moment she bites back, they’ll only take it lightly, too.
Levisia couldn’t stand around seeing Pel’s wig or mask get removed. Lidan and Elizabeth weren’t the kind of people to let Pel’s true identity just slide. She couldn’t allow that to happen to him.
Pel and Levisia had come this far concealing his identity, and there was no point stopping now.
She swallowed, not  realizing how dry her mouth was. She had avoided any encounters so that she wouldn’t go against Kraiden’s concerns, and now it was all for naught.
“If you say it like that, it makes us really look like villains.” Lidan laughed, his arms wide open.
“Now then, come on over here and give your brother a hug. How about that, Levy?”
“Whose brother are you?” Elizabeth stepped away from Lidan’s side, her face twisted in disgust. “Come to me, Levy. You can stop hiding now.”
“Do I have your word that you will leave this man alone?” Levisia stepped forward towards them. “Promise that you won’t touch him.”
“I am a man of my word, Levy.” Lidan winked. “He’ll be free to leave as soon as you come to us.”
As Pel had said, it would be more useful if Levisia left here with those two people. And the necklace had been found, so there was nothing much for her to do.
She faced Pel one more time, standing on her tiptoes.
“I’m sorry. Please be careful.” She whispered into his ear.
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