Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 80

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“1,100 gold! We have 1,100 gold. Anyone else?” The host asked, glancing in Levisia’s direction. He seemed like wanted her to continue the bidding. And Levisia knew that, now that there were only two people left who wanted to bid. Even if they did compete for the necklace, it only made them look like hungry brokers.
But she was determined to not give up, so she lifted her number card before Pel could stop her.
“1,200 gold!” The host cried out, his voice brimming with excitement. Pel turned to her and was about to demand what she was going to do when the unknown guest raised the price up to 1,300 gold.
Levisia had no idea if her plan was going to work, her hand trembling with anticipation. Before Pel could say anything, she lifted it again.
“1,350 gold!” she called out, her voice wavering slightly. She prayed for the other bidder to stop, but her prayer soon burst when the price was raised to 1400 gold.
“1,400 gold! We’ve got 1,400 Who else wants to bid?” The host was practically dancing on the stage, his hands motioning to both Levisia and the other bidder.
Unable to bear the torment any longer, Levisia glanced back, feeling the need to see who was trying so desperately to get a hold of her necklace.
On the upper floor, she spotted two guests. On the right, wearing a mask covered in jewels, was the man with the card that read ‘51’. He happened to be looking at her at the same time, and he nodded at her. Levisia could not see him clearly from where she was, but she got the feeling he was mocking her.
Pel tapped her gently on her arm and whispered for her to stop, and that it wasn’t worth it.
“Please, just one more time.” she said, raising her number card high up. “1,500 gold.”
That was everything she had in her pouch. Now that she has thrown her final number, it didn’t matter if the other bidder raised the price. She could feel eyes on the back of her head, likely from the man on the upper floor.
“Anyone else? Any bids higher than 1,500 gold?”
It seemed like time had slowed down tremendously after the host threw the question. Levisia held her breath and lowered her eyes like a prisoner waiting for sentencing. And then, the moment she had been dreading occurred.
“2,000 gold.”
“And we have 2,000 gold! Anyone else?” The host addressed the now silent audience.
Levisia knew that she had lost. She turned to Pel and leant in close, her fingers cupping her chin.
“Can we go swoop down on their house now?”
* * *
Lidan laughed after he made the successful bid of 2,000 gold on the necklace. He dropped his card on his table and linked his fingers together.
“Not a chance, Levy.”
Elizabeth, who was sitting next to him, sighed under her rose-embroidered mask. She couldn’t believe her idiot brother had raised the price by 500 gold at the final hit. A raise of 100 gold would have been enough.
“How could a stupid fool like you be part of the Imperial bloodline?” She folded her arms and shook her head.
“I’m the stupid fool, Liz? I beg to differ. I’d say that if you pay the right price for something you want, then you’ve won.”
It was a silly answer from a silly man. Elizabeth pressed down on her temple.
“So, what are we going to do now?” she asked. “You’ve got the necklace, which is what you wanted.”
“I suppose I can give her back the necklace… But before I do,  there’s something I want to check.” Lidan sat up straight in his chair and peered over the balcony. His eyes fell on Levisia and her black mask, as well as the man next to her.
Pel’s mask was identical to Levisia’s except his was white rather than black. The way they were together, and the way they kept whispering together, it raised questions.
“This is unpleasant…” He muttered under his breath.
He had been curious about how she came in possession of a necklace made from Roycal’s bones, but now he was more curious about her friend’s identity. Together like that… He wondered about their relationship.
And there was something oddly familiar about the man that Lidan couldn’t quite place his finger on. Lidan cupped his chin and stared deeply at the two. Then, when Pel rose from his seat, Levisia stood up with him. The two of them left together. Sure, lots of people left in the middle of an auction, but these two were different.
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