Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 79

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Chapter 79 – Necklace of Broken Bones
“This necklace is made from the bones of Roycal, and it’s worth quite a fortune. And I guarantee that it will be pretty difficult for anyone to find something like this after today.”
Roycal’s bones? This was news to Levisia. She knew that they were bones, but was not aware of their origin. Feeling a bizarre sense of anxiety, she stared at the host. And when she hoped nothing else shocking would come out of his mouth, he announced something that would arouse the audience.
“Especially since this necklace is recent, we suspect that it was made from the broken bones of the last living Roycal.”
Levisia could barely blink her eyes as her entire body was frozen. The last living Roycal? What could he mean? Before she could gather her thoughts, a series of chatters erupted throughout the room.
“It’s like traces of a long-lost era, it’s always good seeing something like that.”
Voices filled with excitement and spectacle were heard all around. And amongst the crowd, some had already lifted their number cards. Despite the growing commotion, Levisia could only sit quietly and turn to look at Pel.
His golden eyes were dry and unresponsive. He seemed to sense that she was staring at him, but he didn’t turn her way. His sunken eyes were only directed at the stage. She turned her head back because it seemed as if he was signaling her to not ask anything.
“This valuable item starts at 100 gold!”
Number cards shot up as soon as the last word fell out of the host’s mouth. The price quickly surpassed the diamond necklace from earlier. However, when it passed 800 gold, the crowd slowed down and began bidding in tens, rather than hundreds.
With the bets now reaching 860 gold, Levisia, with her jaw hanging, thought about joining in and raising her number. Pel shook his head and gently held her arm down.
“You don’t need to buy it. We can do what I said earlier.” Pel nodded at the people still bidding on the necklace. “Look, the price is already at 900. Soon you won’t be able to afford it.”
“You still think that outrageous plan is going to work?”
Pel frowned, and Levisia wasn’t sure why she felt relief at that reaction. His eyes were not as dull as they were before, and it made her feel at ease.
During their little interaction, the price had surpassed 900 gold. At this rate, the auction might end before she could even call out a price. She snatched Pel’s hand off and said, “Think about it, who would take something I pay over 900 gold for? You’ll never know if you take it lightly. I’ll stop at 1,500 gold.”
Their conversation had sounded like a count dissuading his wife at an underground auction, but there was no other way.
Levisia checked the number on her card and raised her arm. It was now visible above her head, so the host called it out right away.
“We have 950! Next, Number 30.”
“1,000 gold.”
The crowd quieted down as Levisia finished speaking. Even with only a 50-gold difference, the difference between the three-digit price and the four-digit price couldn’t be ignored.
“Oh, and with that, we have reached 1,000 gold. Anyone else?”
When Levisia lowered her arm, Pel nudged her with his elbow.
“Why did you start at 1,000 gold? Why did you raise the price by 50 gold when everyone else had done it 10 gold at a time?” He said, glancing around to see if anyone else was bidding.
Levisia was expecting a reaction from Pel and quickly explained her reasoning, which she had learned from a series in her past life. By betting higher than anyone else had being the first to reach the 1,000 mark, she gave the impression that she was wealthy. That was she could clean up as many competitors as she could with the least amount of money. 50 gold wasn’t a small amount, but just now, it was a moment of opportunity to make the game favorable to her.
“No more bids? Then, going once, going twice…”
Sure enough, everyone was hesitating when the amount went from three digits to four. Since her transmigration, there has never been a day when an experience from her previous life had been as helpful as it was today. So, feeling proud, Levisia said, a little arrogantly,
“This auction is a headstart.”
However, her arrogance didn’t last too long.
“1,100 gold.”
Levisia nearly shot to her feet, Pel’s hand being the only thing holding her in her seat. Someone else had started betting again. Who were they? And why did they want her necklace that badly that they would wait until the last moments to place their bid?
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