Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 78

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Chapter 78 – The Auction
Before the show began, each table was presented with a small basket of freshly baked bread rolls and some napkins. Pel picked up a roll and crumbled a bit under his hands.
“My original plan was that we steal the necklace and run out of here…” He muttered low enough so only Levisia could hear him, “But it would be difficult to do so.”
“Not to mention reckless.” Levisia glanced around her. Most of the seats on the lower floor were now full, with only a few spaces left. Stealing the necklace back with his many witnesses was out of the question.
“Right about now Hector will be searching the estate, trying to find where the goods are kept.” Pel placed his bread on his napkin, and helped himself to a small goblet of water. “It would be ideal to steal the necklace before it comes out on stage.”
Levisia had a feeling that Hector was more than just the horseman. But given how heavily guarded the manor was, it would be unlikely he would be able to even get close to where the goods were kept.
“Nothing good comes out of causing a commotion. Whilst I am angry that someone took it, buying it back is the only safe option.” Levisia patted the pouch on her lap, the jewels jangling under her touch.
“Even if you hand all of those over, you still might not be able to buy it.” Pel lowered his glass back onto the table.
Levisia stared at Pel, speechless. Was the necklace that expensive? Even when she had heard it was ‘something worth selling at the black market,’ she hadn’t been that impressed. But now she couldn’t even guess the price of it after hearing that she may not be able to buy it back with the money she had acquired from selling Elizabeth’s gifts.
“Or,” Pel said, interrupting her thoughts, “we can even follow them after the auction. After all, security around the black market is tight. But outside, there is very little.”
Levisia had to stop and think about what Pel said. Stealing was wrong, but if it belonged to her in the first place…
“I guess so. But I imagine they would not be willing to part with something they just bought.” Levisia sat up straight in her chair as a servant announced that the auction would soon be starting.
“No, they won’t. But most auction purchases are covered by insurance. Any purchases and lost items left after the auction is finished will probably be compensated for.”
At that moment, a man wearing a butterfly mask entered the stage. Dressed in a black tailcoat, he introduced himself as the auction’s host.
Seeing that everyone around them was applauding, Pel and Levisia  joined in. After explaining the rules, the host marked the beginning of the full auction by holding up a diamond necklace.
Pel and Levisia whispered amongst each other while the host explained something while spit flew out of his mouth.
“I think that one might be worth everything I brought.”
“Looks like it.”
But contrary to her expectation, the necklace wasn’t very popular.
“Alright, our first item is this diamond necklace. I will start at 300 gold! 300 gold, anyone?
The audience was quiet. When no one else lifted up their card, the host rang the bell three times and announced it was sold.
With the host moving onto the next item for sale, Levisia looked down at her pouch sitting on her knee. Before coming to the black market, she had asked a jeweller how much the gems were worth. After careful examination, the jeweller said she could easily receive 1,500 gold.
Of course, that was just the opinion of one jeweller, so they didn’t know the exact price. Levisia had to wonder if the price was just the minimum amount, and that she could easily squeeze some more out.
Watching the rest of the auction take place, Levisia held her pouch close, waiting for the moment they brought out her necklace.
Finally, after an hour, the moment she had been waiting for arrived.
“And now, we have something very special indeed.” The host held up the necklace. Because it lacked any features that made it stand out, the audience did not seem to share the same enthusiasm as the host.
The horn necklace that they had been anxiously looking for appeared on the stage. The necklace, placed on the purple cloth, was neither as shiny as a jewel nor as beautiful as a craftsman’s work. Rather, it was so plain that it failed in comparison to the previous item.
“What is that?”
“It doesn’t look special at all.”
All around, Levisia could see the crowd’s expressions twisting into confusion and disappointment. Clearly expecting that reaction, the host threw his head back and laughed.
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