Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 77

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Chapter 77 – Lord and Lady Wonstein
At the end of the road was a manor house, fully illuminated on all three floors. Levisia sat back in her seat, closed the curtains, and waited for their turn. Fortunately, the line of carriages moved faster than expected, and it wasn’t long before there was a tapping sound on the carriage window.
Drawing back the curtains, Levisia saw a man in a mask wearing a smart uniform. He cleared his throat and held out his hand.
“May I see your invitations?”
Pel withdrew his from a jacket pocket, whilst Levisia picked hers up from the seat beside her. The gatekeeper took his time examining them, carefully studying them before handing them back. Then, he stared into their eyes and smiled, “Welcome. Please be ready to present your invitations at the front door.”
The men stepped away to allow the carriage to pull forwards towards the main entrance of the manor. Pel swapped sides so that he was seated next to Levisia and whispered, “Don’t let your guard down.”
As the carriage came to a halt, a doorman opened the door to allow Pel and Levisia to climb down. Pel went first, holding his hand out for Levisia to take. She gratefully accepted it, as her shoes were proving difficult to walk in.
Outside the carriage, a couple of servants approached Pel and Levisia and said that they needed to do a quick check that they hadn’t smuggled anything in.
Unlike Levisia, who wondered how she could bear their hands patting on her, Pel was a natural. With his downward gaze looking as arrogant as ever, she thought it was an entirely different person who stood in front of her.
After being thoroughly searched, Levisia approached Pel and linked their arms together. He stiffened up for a brief moment, but relaxed ever so slightly as they set off towards the entrance. Despite Pel’s initial displeasure, he seemed to be a natural at acting the part of her dashing husband.
At the entrance, two guards stepped forwards to check their invitations. As they checked them over again, Levisia tightened her grip on Pel’s arm. She was uncertain about what was to unfold, and Pel seemed on edge, too. He patted her hand as their invitations were handed back to them.
“Oh, you wanted to hold hands?”
Pel didn’t reply, but she could feel that his arm was stiff as they remained interlocked. Did he feel unpleasant? Levisia glanced at his face but his expression remained concealed under his mask.
At that moment, Levisia flinched at the way he uttered the unfamiliar name. As he probably felt the jolt on his arm, he lowered his head and looked at her.
“Oh. Alright.”
Pel was taken aback by her reaction; he blinked a few times, and his surprise subsided a little. He then handed his invitation to the second gatekeeper, and Levisia also handed over hers.
The gatekeeper alternated his stare between the two invitations and said, “Welcome. It’s an honor you have finally showed up. Master will be most pleased.” One of the guards handed their invitations back. A servant shall guide you to your seats. I hope you enjoy your time, Lord and Lady Wonstein.”
They were escorted to the manor’s hall, which was lavishly decorated in gold and black décor. At the end of the hall, the servant held the door open for them to enter what appeared to be a concert hall. At the far end was a round stage, with tables and seats covering the floor space. Overlooking the ground floor was a balcony with fewer seats, presumably for guests who had a special invitation.
“This way, please.”
The second floor seemed to be seated for special guests only. At first glance, the chairs were decorated differently, and above all, it was assumed that there was a better view of the stage from the high balcony.
“The auction will begin in twenty minutes. I wish you a good time.” The servant who led them to their seats left refreshments at a small table and headed to another place.
“It’s very formal and organized here.” Levisia whispered into Pel’s ear.
“It has to be since it’s targeted for nobles.” Pel poured himself a glass of water. He slid his mask up slightly to allow himself to drink before sliding it back down.
“A place that sells stolen goods.” Levisia shuffled in her seat. She was not one to talk, as her main purpose was to buy back her necklace. She was pretending to be someone else in a place full of secrecy and lies.
Maybe, in a way, she was just as bad as everyone else.
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