Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 73

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Chapter 73 – Doubts Arise
Lidan’s quiet voice instantly froze Elizabeth’s expression. No matter how much she thought about it, it was right to remove him from the palace.
“You’re a disgrace to the imperial family. You will die at my hands this instant.”
“Hold on, hold on.”
“If I kill you nicely, it will be the most honorable moment in your life.”
“But still, isn’t that a bit excessive?”
Lidan openly smiled, but under his garments, he was sweating bullets. There were times when Elizabeth’s harsh words were actually true and that frightened Lidan.
“Anyway, I get it. If I have my authority, sister, you will be able to enter as my companion. That’ll be my reward to you.”
“Hmm… I don’t really need you that much.”
Instead of answering, Lidan only laughed nervously.
“Then I’ll see you tonight, Elizabeth.”
Right when he said that, Elizabeth regretted telling him the information. It was a drag to have to see his face twice in one day.
Lidan left, and the maids standing by the door returned to Elizabeth’s side.
“Did it go as planned?” One maid asked after Elizabeth picked up her pen.
The maid, Helga, bowed her head with a smile. She was the one under Elizabeth’s command who dug up information about Levisia. Although it took several days, because no information specialist spoke easily, she approached one regularly and eventually dug up and delivered the information that her master wanted. That’s why Elizabeth, who had plenty of sources, kept Helga the closest. No one else could top her persistence.
“Actually, I have one more thing to say, Your Royal Highness”
“Tell me.”
“After searching, I found out that the necklace being sold at Chess Black Market is made from Roycal’s bones.”
“Roycal’s bones?!”
“Correct. And also, they say the bones are in great condition.”
Elizabeth’s hand that had been busy with the pen stopped moving. This whole time she had been wondering what in the world was a necklace like that doing in a black market. But now it was revealed to be Roycal’s bones?
“How did Levisia come in possession of such an item?”
Now that the Roycal Empire had fallen into ruin, Roycal’s bones were precious and couldn’t be found anywhere. But how could a nameless princess who was shoved in a corner of the Kraiden palace have something so valuable? Elizabeth silently thought about it for a while, then Helga asked a question she had been thinking of this whole time.
“Should I investigate about the princess?”
She was already in the middle of investigating Levisia. There was no way that Helga could have recklessly brought Levisia without the prior knowledge of Elizabeth, who was thorough and suspicious. However, Levisia’s records showed nothing fishy. It was embarrassing to doubt anything. But it all changed since Roycal’s bones were now involved.
After much consideration, Elizabeth finally spoke. “Investigate not only Levisia but also the surrounding areas,” she said.
“Yes, Your Royal Highness.” Helga obediently bowed her head at the command.
‘It’s quite breezy today.’ Levisia thought as she plainly tied her hair in the night wind. The breeze over the back of her neck was chilly. ‘I should get going.’
As the clock pointed at eight when she left, she knew she had to hurry.
‘How long has he been hanging around like that?’
She could see Pel wearing a robe. He walked with quick steps but stopped when his eyes met Levisia’s. She greeted him to let him know they were in the clear.
“Good evening.”
“Why are you here?” Pel asked as he looked her up and down. His stare was also said, “That’s new.”
“Well of course, I’d be here.” Levisia pulled on the string hanging from Pel’s robe. Pel was simply embarrassed when he opened his eyes to his removed robe. “I knew you would do this, Pel.”
“What did you know?”
Levisia put on the robe she had taken off of him, which was rather big. “You were about to leave without me.” She looked at his dumbfounded expression. “Am I right?
Pel’s face twisted. There was her answer, her predictions were right. As expected, Pel’s answer this morning was no doubt a lie. “Are you saying you’re going with me even though you know what kind of place that is?”
“I’m the one who lost the necklace, so it’s disgraceful of me to let you find it alone. You know, I feel ashamed.”
And there was another important thing. Lifting a heavy pouch with her belongings in it, she grinned. “And I know you don’t have any money.” She shook the pouch side-to-side, coins rattling against one another.
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