Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 72

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Chapter 72 – A Secret Discovered
Lidan was about to ask how she knew that, but Elizabeth was too quick for him.
“Before I tell you, I must warn you.”
Lidan took his hand off the desk and stood up straight, looking at her questioningly. Elizabeth too uncrossed her arms and squeezed the armrests of the chair.
“From now on, I’m not going to walk the same rhythm as you.”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean, I’m not going to hide that girl and pretend not to know where she is anymore.”
She was talking about how she would be the first one to break the implicit agreement to keep Levisia’s whereabouts a secret, which, to begin with, didn’t suit Elizabeth’s character. Elizabeth had kept Levisia close by and declared the young girl hers; how afraid she had been that others would get to her behind her back. Was she that stupid?
“I did her a favor and kept my mouth shut this whole time, but what’s the use of that now?” She grumbled.
A yellow light popped out of Elizabeth’s hands that held the armrests. Lidan, who stepped back with a sense of shame, muttered in a faint voice as if he didn’t see it.
“I left you alone, and now you’re dodging or running away from me. You didn’t think I’d find out, didn’t you?” Elizabeth mumbled.
Lidan also didn’t know why Levisia had been leaving the palace for days at a time.
‘She’s avoiding us.’
He had hoped that wasn’t the case and pretended not to know, but Elizabeth was right. Levisia was dodging them, and Lidan had been laidback about it, but now he was slowly reaching his limit. That’s why his temper had been so pressed lately. Then again, his goal won’t become much different from that of his sister.
“I know what’s going on. That’s why Levisia ran off. And you called me here for what reason?”
Elizabeth’s eyebrows twitched as Lidan fired off at her.
“Don’t get it confused, Lidan. I didn’t call you here to look at your handsome face.”
“That sounded like you just told me I’m handsome, Elizabeth.” Lidan’s cheek twitched as he almost laughed, then he turned his body around. Because a slightly stronger light had come out of Elizabeth’s hands.
“Should I shut that mouth of yours to refrain from hearing your nonsense?”
“Whoa, whoa, I get it.”
Lidan decided to back down at his sister’s vain anger. In fact, if it dragged on any longer, he imagined her patience would eventually run out.
Elizabeth told him what she knew to get rid of Lidan as soon as possible.
“Black market.”
“Black market?”
“Yeah, Levisia will go to Chess Black Market tonight.”
Lidan’s eyes widened in surprise at the unexpected location. Levisia and Chess Black Market? Hearing the two in one sentence was quite bizarre.
“What? No! How do you know that, Elizabeth?”
“You fool, don’t you know that she left the palace on the night of the fairy festival?”
“She left the palace?”
“Yes, and as crazy as it sounds, she had disguised herself as a maid and escaped.”
Lidan burst out laughing without realizing it. How could she disguise herself as a maid and run out of the palace? Who would’ve thought that?
‘Was she that daring?’
As Elizabeth had said, it was pretty wild. That was just… wow.
“Someone pretending to be a maid in the palace is a security breach.”
The two siblings thought the same thing; they should get rid of the sloppy security guard. But they endured it for the decisive moment. To create a decisive moment, Levisia only had to leave the palace again today.
“By the way, what does Chess Black Market have to do with Levisia’s leaving the palace?”
She didn’t even seem like the type to step foot in a place like that. Lidan was guessing the reason by himself when Elizabeth answered.
“She lost her necklace somewhere, and it seems that she hired an information specialist to find it.”
The story was getting interesting.
“So?” Lidan asked with his eyes gleaming,
“Well, that necklace just arrived at Chess Black Market in the nick of time.”
“Levy’s going there to find it?”
Elizabeth nodded. Deep in thought, Lidan rubbed his jaw, then he came up with a precise answer.
“You’re telling me this so you can swoop down in there, right?”
“Wow, a man like you has surprisingly good wits.”
“That doesn’t really sound like a compliment, but I’ll take it.”
Elizabeth cursed him with her eyes, but Lidan didn’t pay much attention.
“That’s great. I have to make a stop there anyway.”
“Don’t tell me that you frequent that place.”
“Don’t look at me like that. I’m a well-respected customer there.”
“For what reasons?”
“You want to know my private secret, sister?”
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