Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 71

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Chapter 71 – The Princess’ Destination
But Cassian also almost fell victim to that crazy behavior. Until he left the garden, he thought he would have understood his brothers’ eccentric behavior. Taking a deep breath, Cassian stopped and looked back. Some people who recognized him greeted him, but his mind was in the maze.
‘I can’t follow in their footsteps.’
He had no desire to become like his idiotic brothers. He has lived his entire life as a ruler. And he couldn’t allow himself to be dominated by others and become an idiot. Cassian turned his head and started walking again. He took his frantically beating heart as a sign of displeasure.
While Cassian was trying to forget about Levisia, Lidan came out of the library and clucked.
“What a sloppy day.”
It had already been five days since he hadn’t seen even a strand of Levisia’s hair. He wondered what was going on that made her, a girl who usually stayed in her palace and relaxed, stay out all day long and not return.
‘She has even given up on farming, which she thought was so important.’
All that was seen at her palace were servants and maids. Even worse, they didn’t even know where their master had gone.
‘I can’t even blame the servants at someone else’s palace.’
Of course, Lidan himself would have scolded them if they weren’t Levisia’s subordinates. It was because of her that he couldn’t blame them.
He decided he would look for her elsewhere. It was time for him to think about his next destination. A maid who was scurrying up the steps to the library discovered him and hurriedly bowed her head.
“Your Royal Highness.”
He looked at the woman again, whom he was just going to pass by when he heard her address him. She had a familiar face.
‘Where have I seen her before?’
He pondered over it and soon recalled a memory where he had seen the maid standing side by side with Elizabeth.
“Oh, you’re Elizabeth’s maid?”
The frenzied second princess seemed to be minding her business instead of going out to look for Levisia.
‘Should I let her know? Should I not?’
In retrospect, he just came out of a mess, so Lidan wondered whether to let Elizabeth’s maid know that Levisia wasn’t here. However, unlike what he thought, she didn’t get out of the way and, instead, spoke to him as if she needed something.
“Her Royal Highness Elizabeth has asked you to come see her.”
“Yes. Her Royal Highness said you would be here at this time.”
She’s got a complete track of him. Instead of laughing inside, he nodded in accordance.
“How could my sister who loathes even the mention of my name be looking for me? No, I’m not going.”
“I shall take you at any cost, Your Royal Highness.”
Despite his reply, Lidan headed to his sister’s study with the maid. When they reached Elizabeth’s office, the maid knocked on the door and announced that Lidan had come.
“Your Royal Highness, Prince Lidan and I have arrived.”
When Elizabeth’s reply came, the maid opened the door and stepped aside. Lidan walked past her and asked frankly.
“What do you want? I didn’t think you’d ever call for me.”
“Sit over there.” Elizabeth, still tending to her work, said without lifting her head.
“As you know, I’m quite a busy man. I want to hear what you have to say and just leave.”
“You think it’s okay to brag about stomping your way around pretending to be busy?”
Lidan’s face, which was smiling, was slightly twitching. Usually, he was unfazed whenever his sister lashed at him, but today, it hurt him down to the bone for some reason.
“I’m sure you’re not much different, right?”
Lidan, who regarded Elizabeth’s attitude on par with his, shriveled up when he saw her set the pen down and plainly stare at him.
‘What’s going on with her today…’
Elizabeth looked like nothing Lidan said would have an effect on her. Like she was keeping track of Levisia, the same way she was keeping track of him.
‘Could it be…’
While thinking that it couldn’t be true, Lidan waited, tensed, for her answer to come.
“You think I’m just like you?”
Elizabeth leaned back in the chair with her arms crossed, her figure screamed arrogance, while Lidan couldn’t keep his composure at all.
“What? Really―”
When Lidan shuffled closer and leaned his upper body toward the desk in front of his sister, Elizabeth frowned.
“Fix your unpleasant face.” She said.
“You’re saying you really know Levy’s whereabouts?”
Lidan felt something strange while speaking. Even if his sister knew where Levisia was, did she really have a reason to update him on the facts?
“I know exactly where Levisia is heading.” Elizabeth answered, pushing her chair back.
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