Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 68

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Chapter 68 – The Face of a Wet Rabbit
Levisia’s doubt vanished when Hector brought in countless drawings for them to see.
“Look at this. Notice the eyes and the position of the mole…?”
Each drawing seemed different from one another yet Hector pointed out, in particular, the fluffy eyes and mole at the tip of the nose which emphasized the similarities in all of them.  The same had been drawn by Levisia herself.
Inspecting the drawings closely, Pel frowned and asked, “So this isn’t the first time he committed this crime?”
“Correct, it’s not. He’s a well-known thief around the neighborhood these days.”
He even made a name for himself as a thief…
Feeling nervous, Levisia stared at the big, bright eyes in the picture, again.
“All I know for now is his face. It’s difficult to track him unless we know his name and where he lives. It also seems that he has accomplices. Their faces though are much difficult to identify for they are sly criminals indeed.”
For a place notoriously known as a hub for all information flowing in and out of the capital, it is very unlikely that information about the man in the drawing is too scarce. Yet he is not a normal crook, he must have means and technology to use in order to keep himself hidden and unknown.
“Hector, information came in.”
Ring. They looked up as a man, who called out to Hector, entered the store and approached them, pushing aside the two flower pots blocking his way.
“What kind of information?”
“The necklace, just like the one we’re looking for is being sold somewhere.”
“If it’s being sold, then…”
The information specialist deeply sighed regretfully when Levisia, suddenly hopeful, mumbled to herself.
“That necklace is said to be at Chess Black Market. Miss, I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but items that turned up at the black market are as good as gone.” The man’s voice is apologetic, not wanting to disappoint the lady in front of him.
‘It can’t be.’ Levisia was not just disappointed but devastated by the news that she heard.  Unable to speak, she knows that she will not be able to look at Pel from now on. She knew that it would be a challenge to find the necklace the moment it was snatched, but not impossible, and yet… Of all places, why a black market? It’s the last place she expected her necklace to end up to. ‘Who on earth would steal other people’s valuables and sell them at a black market’
It only meant that the horn was immensely valuable. In black market, it will appear worthless especially when placed heedlessly next to random items, ready for sale.
‘Pel, why the hell did you leave it with me?’
It was also a keepsake left behind by Pel’s mother. The value of it is beyond material but sentimental as well.
“The black market, when does it open up?”
Levisia, who was already losing her mind in defeat and hopelessness of the situation, suddenly came to her senses when she heard Pel’s voice. Thoughts of possibilities started to enter her mind.
Giving up was not their option anymore. After all, it wasn’t only her who lost the necklace, it was also Pel’s. With this, there’s no way she’d give up on her own now.
“Every Friday night.”
With six days left until Friday, Levisia exchanged meaningful stares with Pel and guessed immediately what’s on his mind.
“Don’t tell me you’re going there yourself. You asked when does it open because you plan on going there, right?” She barked out.
Pel’s silence was already an affirmation of her speculation. Though he didn’t admit it loudly, the necklace was very dear to Pel. On an ordinary day, Levisia would have recklessly asked Pel to not deny this fact anymore, but today was neither the time or place to be insensitive to how he truly felt.
She now had to concentrate on their common goal; to get the necklace back.
“Let me know which one of those lifters are selling the necklace.” Hector said upon reading the energy between the two.
Pel nodded and stood up, “Then I’ll head back for now. I don’t think there’s anything I can do right now.” As pitiful as it sounded, Pel was right. There was no way for him to infiltrate the black market and take back the necklace now. They had to wait as their patience was being tested.
“Chess Black Market is known for closing down. If you’re going there, you’ll need a fake ID.”
Nothing was easy; they were presented with obstacles after obstacles that it seemed easier to just climb over the mountain instead. With a deep sigh, Levisia heard Hector mumble: “Hm… Bring me the right person.”
As she raised her head, Pel suddenly reached out for her.
“Let’s go now.”
“Huh? Uh.”
With Pel’s hand clutching hers, she had too many questions twirling her thoughts. She was definite that a signal was passed between Pel and Hector when she was not paying close attention.
‘Fine, I’ll pretend I didn’t see it.”
The pain of a captain who hid his identity and became a servant to his overlord was something she couldn’t grasp anyway, even if she tried.
“Don’t worry too much about the necklace,” Pel uttered to her as they left the rest area.
“How can you do that? Because of me—“  She replied, looking at his back as she walked
“It’s not your fault.” Pel interrupted her abruptly, not wanting to hear anything absurd.  He knew Levisia well enough for it. “I’m just telling you not to blame yourself. Of all the things that happened today, nothing was your fault. That’s why.”
Pel stopped walking and turned to look at Levisia. She averted her eyes to the two pots in his arms, determined to avoid his gaze. She still didn’t have the heart to look back at him, feeling regretful with what happened.
“You don’t have to make that face.”
“W..what face?” Having no choice but to meet his eyes, Levisia looked up to Pel’s face.
“The face of a wet rabbit.” Pel, with likewise an odd expression on his face, said.
“…When did I make such a face?”
It was her first time hearing that. Levisia thought whether Pel was making fun of her, trying to cheer her up a bit. Yet his voice though sounded sincere. It always does when Levisia was in deep thought, seriousness marring her features.
“It’s alright if you don’t kn- no, no. Anyway, try not to make the face from now on.”
“Why not? Do I look pathetic?”
Did he feel sorry for her now that he knew how the guilt was eating her inside? Did he feel any relief somehow? He just happened to look at her by chance when she made that face, though…
“I feel like I have to tell you everything.”
Then, Pel turned her back at her to continue walking, and an idea came into mind upon hearing what he said.
‘This might be my chance.’
If that was true, wouldn’t he have used it at an important moment?
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