Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 56

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Chapter 56 – Bittersweet Beauty
Pel stood frozen in his tracks for a moment when he heard what Levisia said. She could see his wide-open golden pupils through his blonde hair, fallen over his eyes. They looked like golden grains of sand on a beach. Even though the color was darkened by waves, they sparkled with the light. Soon after, his picturesque lips began to move.
“What does that- ah… Never mind,” he sputtered. Levisia muted, keeping a face that showed that she needs clarifications. “Let’s just go,” Pel said downrightly. Before Levisia could even get a word out, he cut the conversation and approached her. In real sense, Pel did walk past her.
‘Did I mistake that for something else?’ Levisia wondered. Amidst the distraction, Levisia looked into Pel’s face. His eyes were bloodshot, as though he was burning with some keenly deep thoughts about God-knows-what. Whatever it was, Levisia felt she needed to know.
“Wait for me,” he said.
Even while Pel stopped to wait for Levisia who scurried behind, he never looked back, so she didn’t even know if what had just happened was over or not.
* * *
The secret place where Pel went to escape the suffocating palace was a hill right on the opposite side.
“Some hill. This is more like trekking a small mountain,” Levisia objected.
“If it’s too hard, just go back down,” Pel aired.
He kept pressuring Levisia to give up when she had to catch her breath during the uphill climb. He, on the other hand, didn’t break a sweat and looked as normal as usual. Though Levisia has never seen this side of him before.
“No, I want to keep going,” Levisia responded with a roop.
“Hmm…” Pel turned his head back around as though he did not want to speak anymore. On the other hand, Levisia stared at his legs as they moved without a lag. His steps were so consistent that she couldn’t tell when he slowed down or sped up. He didn’t even look tired.
‘Is outstanding strength normal for royal family members?’ Levisia thought. Wondering how in the world someone could have so much endurance, Levisia tried to find an answer in the differences in their origins. ‘If our innate strengths are different, then clearly…’
Before Levisia got more conscious, Pel stopped at the top. As she was looking down while walking, she bumped her forehead against his back and stumbled.
“What the…!” Pel grabbed her with a look of surprise on his face. Levisia’s dragged body touched his chest and fell. For a moment, his heart pounded even harder in astonishment. “Where in the world has your head wandered off to?” he queried.
She had been thinking about his origin, but she couldn’t tell him the truth. Without answering, she rubbed her head with her palm and was suddenly caught by the scenery behind him.
“You nearly fell―,” Pel said, blowing off dust particles from her stray strand of hair. But Levisia paid no heed, a gasp escaping her lips. She walked past Pel, and her eyes fell to the grand sight at the bottom of the hill.
“You’re not even listening,” Pel mumbled in disarray.
From behind her, Levisia could hear his mumbling voice mixed with sighs. But could such a view be so amazing?
“What is this place?” she could feel him approaching my side as she asked.
“I guess you like it here, huh?”
There was a big, beautiful tree at the top of the hill. They stood in the tree’s shadow created by the moonlight and ogled towards the northwest. The city was seen from above the hill. The illuminated houses and shops looked fantastic, almost passing for the genuineness of a fairy tale painting. On the night of the fairy festival, the festive streets sparkled with a scarlet light, and the faces of the small people walking on the street beamed of laughter.
“Yep,” Levisia answered. Responding blankly, she saw the smile of a child running with a sugar snack and added, “I like it here.”
The place was far from the city, but its vitality and loveliness were enough to touch her heart. Perhaps because of the calmness around, the loud noises from afar only felt distant and pleasant as if they were from another world. It was quiet, so there was an advantage coming alone. The place is one where you can melt into the world, with minds joggling in super-sweet emotions.
Levisia wondered if Pel felt the same way. She turned her head as the thoughts formed, and right then her eyes met Pel’s. Levisia thought they had been looking at the same place, but his eyes were on her face.
However, he turned away after their eyes met for a fleeting second. While he stared down the hill, Levisia suggested, “Let’s stay a bit more, then go.”
Pel didn’t say a word. She read his silence as a positive reaction, so she got on her knees and sat down. Looking at her sitting, Pel took his robe off and set it on the ground, but she stopped him.
“Don’t. I’ll be alright,” Levisia affirmed.
“Your legs will get numb, your highness,” he added.
“So what? It’s just for a little while. Look over there.”
“Looks like there’s a concert going on.”
“That’s what it looks like to you?”
“Weren’t you the one who pointed it out?”
“Yeah, because people are crowded around.”
“Go down there if you want to see it.”
“Nah, I’m tired of seeing concerts today.”
Levisia shook her head and rubbed her chin. The trees uphill continued to windmill with glee making a loud swoosh.
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