Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 54

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Chapter 54 – Inevitable Farewell
“What did you just say?” Pel replied to Levisia with a fixated, ridiculous expression. In response to this, Levisia hurriedly let go of the arm that she had grabbed, and then proceeded to fix the wayward strands of hair that had made their way onto her face.
“Um… Well, I couldn’t think of anything else to say, so…”
“I can’t believe you went that far…”
“You think that was too far?”
“Please don’t delude yourself. You didn’t do anything wrong.”
“Okay, I see.”
Pel’s eyebrows wiggled in a suggestive manner. However, Levisia was determined not to succumb to it. He would probably end up twisting whatever she would say in reply.
‘Now that I think about it, it seems like I’m being punished.’ What in the world did she ever do to end up at this point with Pel? ‘Well, I’m not exactly sure as to what’s happened.’ It had come to the point where Levisia had begun to consider her relationship with Pel. Had she known his identity from the start, could they have been as they were now? ‘No way.’
However, it was already too late to try to go back to how things had been when they had first met. They knew way too much about each other now. They had already set expectations and established trust for one another, to the point that the root of their relationship wouldn’t break even if a big secret about one of them were to be revealed.
‘Like the Kraidens, we can’t just drift apart.’
Pel was the main character here. Just like the Kraidens, he, too, was another typhoon all in itself. If he were to stay around, it would be impossible to experience a good ending, simply because he would pull and drown one into his charm.
At this point, Levisia no longer felt as if existence was threatening, perhaps because she had already realized that Pel would eventually walk his own path, leaving Sheila and her behind.
‘Even this time with Pel is going to end eventually.’
After accepting that realization, Levisia had become aware of his existence. As a result, she felt empty about everything he had done up until now. More than anything, she didn’t want that now. Therefore, whatever he would do in the future only meant that distancing herself from him would turn out to be a fruitless attempt.
She had chosen, instead, to focus on the present, to do her best while Pel was still by her side. Levisia was grateful that he wasn’t the type of man to change his mind just because he was so full of flattery. Thanks to this, he didn’t worry too much about others, and she was determined to treat him just as he was.
If he were going to get rid of the unnamed princess that people weren’t interested in, wouldn’t he have already done it?
After organizing her thoughts, Levisia felt as if her head had finally begun to clear up. However, Pel felt ashamed that she had made up her mind, so he decided to take the first step.
“You said you felt tired.”
“Yeah, but the fairy fest only lasts until today.”
“Do we really have to go next―?”
“There is no next time.”
It felt bizarre hearing him argue about going ‘next time,’ when he knew full well that there wouldn’t be.
‘Or was he willing to do so?’
No matter what, the fact that he would eventually leave Levisia did not change, even if he wasn’t going to leave yet next year. Therefore, she couldn’t afford to take any moment for granted.
“I could die tomorrow.”
When Levisia said this grave sentence, Pel’s face twisted sideways.
“Why would you say such…?”
“That part’s not important.”
After she drew a short breath, he looked straight at her and asked, “So, you don’t want to go?”
Levisia didn’t need any other reason. So, when she asked about his intentions, Pel found that he couldn’t answer easily. At this, he went silent for a while before opening his lips to speak.
“Get changed and let’s go. I, too, will get ready.”
* * *
Standing at the front of the palace whilst tapping her heel on the ground, Levisia took a robe from Pel, put it on, and then asked, “Sheila isn’t coming again this year?”
“I guess not.”
“Oh well…”
“Take this.”
Following the robe, Pel handed her a brass band. Those who worked in the palace had to have this band in order to come and go in and out of the royal palace. Of course, he didn’t have one to begin with because he wasn’t employed here. Sheila had probably let him borrow it for the time being.
With the brass band shining underneath the moonlight, Levisia took a step back as Pel nodded. He, wearing a robe just like Levisia’s, put his hood up and looked back at her.
“Put your hood on.”
“I will.”
Levisia began to follow him in good nature. Once they had reached the gate, the soldier on guard seemed to recognize Pel’s face.
“Hey Pel, are you out here again?”
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