Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 51

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Chapter 51 – Fallen
Their keen eyes were aimed pointedly at her, slicing through invisible barriers she wasn’t aware she had. ‘What in the world?’ she wondered. They seemed to look normal earlier. Did she do something to offend them during the applause? Levisia thought hard for it, but nothing else came to mind.
“What on earth is wrong with them? Let’s take a moment.”
A congratulatory gunshot-sound marked the end of the Fairy Festival. She looked up as pieces of multi-colored papers swiveled down like snowflakes on a breezy night. Suddenly, someone who seemed to appear out of nowhere called out her name.
“Princess Levisia White.”
She turned to face the direction of the voice, and there was Merril, who swept away her blue hair partially soaked in sweat.
“It’s a relief you still haven’t run away.”
‘…How did she know I was planning to run away once the festival ended?’
Merril’s hand reached out even before she could calm herself down. A prickly, nuisance of a feeling persisted inside her.
“Can we meet for a little while?”
Even with the cool undertone of her voice, the question appeared to reverberate negative intentions.
And of course, there wasn’t a definite way for herself to avoid answering.
* * *
Elizabeth, Lidan, and Siaphyl watched with blanched faces as Levisia got seized away right before their very eyes. Elizabeth froze while Lidan plastered himself a twisted grin. Meanwhile, Siaphyl stood, his stare fixated onto the thin, stale air. Chills were all that rattled his spine.
In spite of the varying emotions, the three of them still thought the same thing.
“I don’t think that’s why she pretended not to know.”
They all had tacitly agreed to avoid being around Levisia’s vicinity once outside. Lidan was actively in favor and Siaphyl merely agreed. But Elizabeth comprised the minority as she primarily disapproved—it didn’t take long enough to make her concede though. It was all for Levisia’s desire, after all. However, this situation was the direct result of their distancing. After the Fairy Festival, the three somehow managed to band together and carry out dark energy.
Elizabeth, who sat leaning against the sofa, rubbed her frowned brow, exhaling a little bit heavily.  “I never liked that bum from the beginning,” she muttered.
“Same here.”
She recalled approaching Levisia, and stopping immediately after receiving a snarky look from the princess. She giggled at the memory; Levisia was clearly an object of ridicule.
“Heiran is really—something else.”
The 17th prince, Heiran Tale, was the man that was sitting on Levisia’s left. It was an unreservedly ridiculous sight; seeing him repeatedly talking to Levisia. Perhaps Elizabeth and Lidan were thinking the same thing, as both had crisp looks in their stares, tingly and biting.
“Why are there so many losers around her?” Elizabeth questioned.
Not one reply came.
Instead, Lidan and Siaphyl’s eyes clashed at her murmur. And despite this, they still shared similar breakthroughs with Elizabeth. Above all, Lidan has always been no different from Siaphyl.
“Do I have to watch the situation roll out like this?” Lidan asked, tapping the armrest with his fingertips in an agitated manner and raising his eyebrows all the same. Throughout this, an unpleasant image projected in his mind like a quantum leap. “Wait, we can’t just let this be,” he remarked.
“Then what in the world should we do about it?”
Right then and there, each of the three soon began to busily churn out thoughts and possible objectives individually—all to salvage this very specific scenario.
* * *
The area Merril took Levisia looked to be the drill hall near the palace she resided in.
“Do you know how to use a sword?” Merril queried as she handed her the heavy, tantalizing sword she had forged. Levisia looked down at the blindingly shimmering blade, and shooked, “No, I don’t have a clue about swords.”
“Well, do you want to learn?”
“…All of a sudden?” She grew confused, but gripped its handle nonetheless, although with hesitation.
“Are you holding it tightly enough?”
“I’m going to let go now.” Merril declared and Levisia nodded in response. In an instant, she took her helping hands off, giving herself the full weight of the sword’s entirety, and maybe whatever inherent symbolization it possessed.
Her upper-body swung forward under the unexpected load, the grip and pull were rapid enough that she felt her arms falling, as if detached. “What is this? Are swords normally this heavy? I thought it was going to be light, seeing that everyone who had used it does so swiftly!”
Realizing how embarrassing the situation was, Merril couldn’t help but burst into a fit of laughter, outright delighted at the goofed stance.
Levisia remained silent, but her cackles persevered on, notwithstanding.
She understood that there was no way of learning how to use a sword if one couldn’t lift it properly in the first place. Only then when she lifted her head did it register that Merril solely wanted to tease her.
“But your highness…”
“You’re not good at anything, you can’t even stand up straight?!”
Fact after fact came spewing out of Merril’s ranting mouth. In all honesty, Levisia’s bones could shatter to unhinged, disfigured pieces even at a meager push. She chose to say nothing. Naturally, as there was none to refute for. Then, Merril settled to control herself, wiping away some tears; products of such amusement. She snatched the sword from her, and swung it lightly.
Suddenly, she asked, “Elizabeth, Lidan, Siaphyl; do they all love your wretchedness?”
“I think it would be too much to say that.”
Wouldn’t there be no answer if it looked that way to Merril’s eyes? When Levisia closed her eyes and thought, Merril smiled cheerfully and patted her on the shoulder with her free hand that wasn’t clutching the sword.
“I’m right. They’re going crazy over you.”
‘Seriously? How can he like such an incompetent, anguished loser like myself?’
“I think you’re the one who fell in love with my wretchedness,” replied Levisia.
“That seems so. Is it because it’s too trivial to even feel like a threat?”
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