Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 46

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Chapter 46 – The Price of Rage
But before she could continue her sentence, Lidan, who had been observing the situation, finally stepped forward, his lips forming into a faint, amused smile. “At times like this, our youngest is really quite playful.” He stated languidly, each word falling from his lips in an unhurried, somewhat cold, manner. The occasional crunch of leaves emphasized the few steps he took, adding another layer of sensory perception – one that made Siaphyl stiffen and made Levisia’s heart jump in fear.
Upon reaching his brother’s side, Lidan casually wrapped his arm around his shoulders, causing Siaphyl to flinch but raise his head, as though nothing mattered. Not that Lidan paid any attention to that. As he leaned against his brother’s form, Lidan’s lips curved into a smirk. “Little brother, don’t you know? If you carefully analyse Levi’s words, you’ll find a hidden meaning.”
Internally, Ledan adde, “If you interpret it well, it meant that Levisia didn’t want their company. But, those words did not need to be spoken out loud, after all. It was obvious, and since it was their sister, they’ll give her face and not mention it.”
Though, Ledan’s thoughts were quickly dashed when Siaphyl hesitated before speaking out loud. “She means, she doesn’t want to buy the rage of others because we are too elite?”
At his words, Levisia could not help but stare at Siaphyl for a good moment before averting her gaze. In a sense, Siaphyl’s statement was true, but it completely missed the bigger picture and was interpreted to his favour.
Afterall, she was afraid of the future where she would buy their rage. As it is, she had already made her grand plan to escape the palace, to shed her identity of the cannon fodder ‘princess’, who lived like she was invisible and had no one’s concern. She must play her part until then.
But disregarding her true intentions, Lidan merely continued with Siaphyl’s words, tacking on what he actually thought their sister meant. “Ya? Think about the number of people who will be jealous of Levi? And to add on, what might happen if we hang around with Levi in public?”
Hearing those words, Siaphyl moved to face Lidan with wide eyes, like a baby deer that was caught in a carriage’s headlights. Lidan, in turn, faced Siaphyl while donning a small smile.
‘Eh? Why does it seem like they’re referring to something else?’ Though, even as she wondered what that ‘something’ might be, she wasn’t too curious as to make an effort to find out. Just then, Lidan’s voice pried her out of her thoughts.
“Well, as a very good example, consider our Second Princess.”
At his words, the two brothers exchanged a long-running look which broke off when Lidan loosened his arms around Siaphyl’s shoulders. Lidan shrugged his shoulders as Siaphyl continued to look at him intensely, deep in his thoughts.
“Normally, I believe fun things should be shared together. But, for this, it is different.”
Lidan looked at Levisia and winked.
“I don’t want to share the things I treasure and keep it to myself.”
“So, I’m going to do as Levi says. It’s tiring to be in the eyes of others. I’m well aware of that. I might buy the rage of the second princess but I will relay the message to her as well.”
He added on, “This is how much I care for you sister” but those words did not reach Levisia.
‘I feel like I have been singled out.’
Even though he had been indirect, there was no way that she couldn’t understand what he meant. The fact that the ‘thing that he treasured’ was referring to herself. She wondered if Lidan was aware that Siaphyl had smirked the moment he realised Lidan’s intentions to monopolise her.
‘Everything will be alright as long as I balance out? How?’ Levisia felt absurd as she recalled what Reign had said. Each one of the Kraiden were like a giant hurricane, so she wondered how she could balance out. ‘He was wrong. The only answer is to run away.’
It was clear. But, the reason why she was weak was because she couldn’t run away.
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