Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 45

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Chapter 45 – Deadly Crossroads
It was unusual for a crowd to come in and out of the forest. The royal family officially opened the Fairy Tree Forest only for a few of the momentous events held in the empire. And today, the day of the Fairy Festival was one of those few days. It was a day that exhibited the prosperity of the royal family, who were called the direct descendants of the fairy king, to the people of the whole empire.
The primary objective of the festival was to bid a year goodbye, but recently the festival had functioned more as a talent show where the six heirs flaunted their powers. Their powers were a form of evidence that proved the affluence of the empire. And if one might ask how it correlates with the opening of the Fairy Tree Forest, it is simple.
“Now I feel like I’m alive.”
It was Lidan who suddenly appeared out of nowhere while speaking in a languid voice. As his gaze met hers, he put on his charming smile. He seemed far too well for someone exclaiming that he felt alive only now. It seemed like she wasn’t the only one who felt that way; this time, a voice was heard from the other side.
“How unlike you to be so weak, brother.”
She turned around and saw Siaphyl coming out through the bushes. Just like Lidan, Siaphyl smiled towards her. “Here you are, sister. I was looking everywhere for you.”
“As for you, dear youngest, you seem full of energy. I guess being youthful is the best, huh?” Lidan was excellent at wiping the smile off Siaphyl. Siaphyl sighed openly as if he couldn’t be bothered being the “lovely youngest.” “It’s not because of age, it’s because we are in the Fairy Forest.”
He was right. Opening the forest on the day of the Fairy Festival was also for them. For those who have to boast their abilities in front of their own people, the forest was like a charging station to them. It is where they replenish themselves. To her, it felt as though she was in a spa; she didn’t fully understand what kind of effect it had on them. Afterall, she wasn’t able to feel what they felt. However, looking at Siaphyl, as Lidan had said he looked brighter than usual, it must be working. Even Lidan seemed happy.
“So what were you doing here, Levi?” Lidan acted friendly and approached her. Just like Siaphyl, he must have been looking for her all over the forest.
“I got lost.”
“Hmm?” Lidan seemed surprised by her response. Truthfully, she had intentionally entered deep into the woods in order to avoid the Kraidens, but she couldn’t say that. Then, before she knew it, Siaphyl had come next to her and took her side. “Well that could happen. Since the forest is different in the night as it is in the day.
She looked around after hearing Siaphyl. It was just as he had said.
Unlike the last time she had visited the forest in the night with the two of them, the forest now in the day had an entirely different atmosphere. She could see things that they couldn’t see before in the night, so it wasn’t odd for anyone to get lost.
“But…” She was about to enter deeper into the forest but stopped. As she came to a halt, naturally the other two followed suit as well. They looked at her questioningly. She took turns to meet both pairs of eyes then asked, “Why are you following me?”
“Because I feel like you might get lost again?”
“I just want to be by your side, sister.”
At Siaphyl’s reply, Lidan narrowed his eyes. “Then I will change my answer to yours as well.”
“Too late, brother.” Siaphyl replied, emphasising he had no chance.
Levisia looked at the two of them and thought to herself, ‘If they are going to be like this then I think it’ll be better to be upfront with them.’ If the two of them shadowed her every movement, it would only draw the attention of others. “I want to be alone.”
Both of them asked in a surprised tone. She wondered if she had been too blunt; she was afraid of upsetting the two of them.  But then again, she couldn’t think of anything better.
“I don’t like drawing attention to myself. But if I have the two of you by my side then it will obviously draw attention.”
Siaphyl observed her for a minute before continuing, “But right now there is nobody else here…?” Siaphyl, who had always been the adorable youngest brother in the family, looked up at her with drooping eyes. Even though she knew he was acting, he looked too real. “Will brother and I be a burden to you, sister?”
‘If he says it with such a face then it feels like I’m the villain here?’ As she was contemplating on the words to say, Siaphyl turned his acting up a notch and added on, “I just like you sister and want to be by your side…”
Whoosh. The trees in the forest swayed with the wind. Levisia worried on how to deal with the gloomy silence that fell around them while Siaphyl’s blonde hair twinkled. ‘Damn, how am I supposed to get out of this?’ She couldn’t possibly say that it was okay when it was not, but it felt like if she said no, it would bring tears to those eyes. ‘Is this a dead flag?’ She felt like she was stuck in a dating simulation game where she had to make a decision. The only problem was that it wasn’t a matter of love but survival she had to choose between.
‘And I feel like whatever I choose I will end up dead either way.’
Since even this underage bow, who was wiggling about with his head down and looking so innocent, would grow up and cause a massacre. Even if she lived or died, the best thing to do now was to be as far away from them. If she had to make a choice like this again and again, her pounding heart wouldn’t be able to stand it.
Making up her mind, she opened her mouth.
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