Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 41

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Chapter 41 – An Invitation from the Grim Fate
As it had always been, Levisia’s intention was to live as quietly as an owl until the day she must leave the kingdom arrives. In order to do so, it was best not to build any relationships with people in the palace. To add on, though Reign was not a Kraiden, he was still a pureblood; he was a direct lineage of the royal family. It would be preposterous if she would ever confide her plans of escape to him.
“I guess they’re giving it to you because they want to,” Reign said.
Levisia couldn’t elaborate on the reason why she needed not their attention, so she simply replied, “I just find it uncomfortable.”
The man before him, sitting cross-legged as he sipped his tea, asked, “Then do you find my visits uncomfortable as well?”
Without missing a beat, Levisia nodded, earning a feigned look of hurt from Reign.
“I am a little hurt,” he said, dramatically clutching his heart. Levisia replied, “Well, at least for you there is a reason behind your visits.” The reason for Reign’s guestings, as explained before, was simply because he felt better in Levisia’s presence.
“Wow, you must think I’m swindling you.”
“Well, you aren’t denying it yourself.”
“I guess it’s true for now…” Reign admitted. Perhaps it was his honesty that made Levisia feel more at ease with him than with those she had spent more time with. ‘It’s better to be transparent about what they want like Reign,’ she thought, ‘unlike those Kraidens who are trying to get close to me with no clear reason.’ More than anything, they were the characters responsible for her miserable future. Her aversion to their attention was reasonable.
Since the details were left untold, she understood that to Reign she would appear as some weirdo who disliked attention from powerful people. It was a pity.
“I know I was the one who warned you to be careful, but don’t be so bothered over a small gift. After all, they are the kind who are quick to change their minds.”
Levisia spoke nothing. Reign continued, “They might soon lose interest.”
However, Reign would soon withdraw his words. Two weeks had gone by since their teatime, and it was four days before the anticipated Fairy Festival.
[Levisia White, please grace us with your presence at the Fairy Festival that will be held four days from now.]
Throughout her life, it was the first time she had received an invitation that was addressed to her name. Drew on her knowledge, the royal family who attended the fairy festival were limited. Only Kraidens and a few of the more prominent nameless brothers were invited to take part in the prayers held in the Fairy Tree forest to pray for the well-being of the empire.
‘So, why would they invite me?’ As she shook her head in disbelief, Reign commented bitterly, “This is unexpected, the Fairy Festival…”
His words mirrored her sentiments.
“This year I believe Meryl is in charge of the fairy festival… Are you acquainted with her as well?” he asked.
One of the six Kraidons, the Third Princess Meryl Cheux Kraidon. Was Levisia acquainted with her? Of course…
“No, I don’t know her.”
Reign crumpled his forehead in confusion, “Then why…” Once again, he stole the words right from her mouth. Seated next to each other, they looked like ‘dumb and dumber,’ staring blankly at the invitation. The silence dragged on as Levisia became tangled in her own chain of thoughts, and Reign with his. A moment later, Reign’s voice pierced the quiet room. “I know I might sound like I’m conflicting myself… but I think it might already be too late for you.”
“Why would you say that?”
“But even so, if you hold out well it might not be so bad.”
“Why are you already trying to comfort me?”
“Mmm…” It was unfortunate, but Reign did not deny the fact that he was attempting to console her. Worse, he continued with an even more unhelpful advice. “Rather, you can make use of this situation to your own benefit.”
Levisia arched her eyebrow, “My own benefit?” Reign nodded his head, “They are powerful people so if you have anything you wanted so far then request whatever you- ah.” Levisia stood from her seat and walked away. Reign stopped and asked, “Are you threatening me…?”
“It’s not a threat. I’m just telling you to stop spouting nonsense.”
“Isn’t that the same thing?”
Reign was critically wrong. This situation was not an advantage to her in any way; in fact, it was the opposite. The invitation connoted trouble; it was as though the gods of fate were testing her. Levisia folded her arms across her chest and replied stiffly, “Nothing is free in this world.”
“That is true.”
“I’m glad you know. Then I’m going to need your help.”
Reign’s expression changed as though he had been hit on the back of the head by a rabbit he had thought was actually a turtle.
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