Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 40

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Chapter 40 – Unmasking Disguised Intentions
Perhaps it had been around a few weeks that the number of visits from the Kraidens lessened, save for the night Reign slept over. As per the rumors, they were busily preparing for the Fairy Festival.
For Levisia, who had nothing to do with the event, she was relieved, given at last the liberty to return to her monotonous routine. Though it couldn’t be exactly what it was before, it still gave her comfort.
“Your Highness, the flowers came again today.” Sheila informed as she changed the flowers in the vase with fresh ones. Levisia gazed at the golden freesias that graced the windows, then opened the letter Sheila handed to her.
[I’m sorry but it will be difficult to visit you again today, sister. It’s a shame so I’m sending you these pretty flowers from the greenhouse along with this letter. The name of that flower is called ‘freesia.’ I hope it will keep you company in my stead. Please take care of the flower as though it is me.]
At the end of the rather short letter was signed, ‘Your brother, Siaphyl Bear Kraiden.’ Her eyes lingered at the words ‘your brother’ before folding the letter.
“What about that?” Sheila hadn’t brought along only flowers. As Levisia pointed, Sheila handed her the box she had been holding. The box contained exquisite chocolates, which were surely expensive. Sheila exclaimed, “Oh my, it’s chocolates.”
The sender was rather obvious— it must be the Third Prince Lidan. He too had sent it with a letter, which the content of it was not much different from Siaphyl’s. He felt sorry that he was unable to spare her a visit and concluded the letter by telling her to ‘endure her longing if she dearly missed him…’ or some nonsense along those lines.
Levisia sighed and closed the box. Sheila then passed her a jewelry box. This too was obvious; it couldn’t be not from the Second Princess, Elizabeth. Levisia didn’t dare to unbox the glittering package and merely placed it on the side table. Sheila licked her lips as though she was anticipating her to open the box, but soon nodded her head as if she understood her sentiments.
“Just how long are they…” Levisia muttered before sighing continuously. Who could blame her? She had a good reason to sigh. For over a week, she was lavished with sudden gifts by the three of the Kraidens.
At first, she had returned them as she was taken aback. Then, as if the three had schemed together, they would send the gifts back twofold. Since then, she no longer returned the presents, but barely gave them her full attention, only leaving them unattended. She desired to live a life poles apart from the Kraidens, and yet here they were showering her with unwanted gifts.
Seeing her discomfort, Sheila said, “Don’t let it affect you, Your Highness.” Levisia could only sigh.
“Well then, I’ll take my leave so call me if you need anything.”
“Okay, I will.” Levisia curled her lips into a faint smile, and Sheila looked at her with concerned eyes as she left the room. Levisia then placed a finger to her head once she was alone. ‘Something is wrong,’ she speculated. It wasn’t the first time she had such thought, but it was only this time that she was able to realize that their intentions were never pure— it was only to buy her heart. In all its essence, it was an unpleasant indication. It only implied that Levisia couldn’t evade their presence by mere precaution.
She felt it was somehow unfair. Until they deliberately sought her, she had not concerned herself with other matters. It was as though her hardwork was all for naught. What was she supposed to do about it?
Her fingers swept through her hair and she clenched her fist. ‘If I want to resolve this problem, I need to find the cause of it.’ However, the root was well-hidden. She only knew the reason why they lingered around her, and even that was not entirely certain.
Then, on that idle afternoon, Reign bid her a visit and commented on her troubles.
“You don’t have to pay them any mind, don’t you think…?” He blew on his warm cup of tea and took a sip before tilting his head. Instead of the Kraidens, he was the new frequent visitor of her palace.
As Reign was not one of the six heirs of Kraiden, Levisia felt more comfortable with him than Siaphil, Lidan, and Elizabeth even though she had acquainted with them longer than him. But this didn’t mean she wanted to get close to him in particular either.
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