Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 37

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Chapter 37 – Tempted
It was the first time Levisia had heard of such a thing. Well, if the actual condition of the Fairy Tree was withheld from the public, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the truth behind the empress’s death was kept secret.
Reign sighed regrettably, “We say that she used her powers, but it’s more like she sacrificed herself. Since the previous empress tried to return all her power to the Fairy Tree.”
Levisia stifled her words, noticing the grim expression across Reign’s face. Reign continued, “Then ever since, Elizabeth seems to hold some sense of guilt. Since she was born with a lot more power than others.”
“She must believe that her power was the reason for the Fairy Tree’s withering and was why the empress ended up that way,” Levisia muttered, concern growing in her heart.
“That is accurate.”
However, it wasn’t only Elizabeth who had been gifted with such power since childbirth. Kraiden birthed six heirs who were equally powerful. If the cause of the Fairy Tree impending death was due to the increased number of those with powers, then nobody could escape the blame, which included Levisia herself, who had been endowed with a little bit of that power as well. It may be insignificant, but it was power nonetheless.
“But is that really the reason why the tree started to wither?” she questioned.
“I don’t know as well. But I don’t think it is either.”
‘So we share the same thought.’ As their eyes met, Reign shrugged his shoulder. Neither Reign nor she could be certain.
“And the reason why I’m telling you this is…” Reign paused, closing his mouth, and scratched his head. “Like I said, you have a similar energy as the Fairy Tree.” Levisia raised her eyebrow, “Me?”
“Yes. Seeing how I feel at ease when you are by my side.”
The words Reign told her as they encountered one another at the side of the road crossed Levisia’s mind. ‘Right. Reign did say that he needed the Fairy Tree’s power to survive.’ It was strange, and she found it difficult to grasp. “Do you really feel better when I’m next to you?”
“Slightly,” he responded.
So it must be a minimal effect. ‘Of course it is,’ Levisia nodded her head.
“So I wanted to warn you to be careful from now on.”
“As the Fairy Tree withers and dies, you, who are born with the similar energy will be…” Reign trailed off, his expression darkening. “Will be tempting to anyone.”
Levisia was instantly reminded of Lidan, Siaphil, and Elizabeth. ‘I’m sure they will definitely treat me differently from now,’ she thought. But little did she know.
“Even I am tempted right now,” Reign admitted. For a moment, Levisia fell into silence before speaking, “You?” A strange expression painted Reign’s face as he confessed, but Levisia shrugged it off. ‘He still looks unwell.’ She asked, “Do you want to take a rest?”
Reign, who had been quiet, turned his head and mumbled, “Maybe I should…” Seeing him crawl back under the covers, Levisia stood up, only to be seated again. Reign turned his attention toward her. Noticing his confusion, Levisia said, “I will stay by your side until you fall asleep.”
“Wow…” Reign commented, his voice drained of energy. “Last time you wouldn’t even offer me a glass of water, compared to that, you’re much more kinder now.”
Levisia remained mum, feeling regretful over her past actions.
“Thank you.” Regin closed his eyes after nodding his thanks, and true to her words, Levisia stayed by his side until he fell asleep.
As she sat, she digested the words he had just shared. Soon, it was deep into the night, and by the time she left the room, she found Pel leaning against the wall. “When did you get back?” she asked in a whisper, surprised. Pel answered, casting a glance toward the door that had closed behind her, “Just now.”
“Why didn’t you come in?”
“I heard the two of you were discussing something important.”
“Ah.” Levisia closed her mouth in realization. ‘Right, I did that. I even sent Sheila out of the room, so how could I forget.’
Pel queried, “So were you both talking until now?”
“No, we weren’t.”
“Did anything else… happen?”
“Alright then.” Pel stretched out his hand and grabbed a hold of the handle, about to enter the room. Levisia intended to bid good night, but she then seized his arm. Pel stared at her in wonder. No matter how she considered it, putting Pel and Reign in the same room seemed odd. It was like feeding a cat with fish.
‘What should I do?’ she debated. To Pel, Reign is the son of his enemy, right? Having these polar characters use the same room…
“What is it?” Pel asked, interrupting her conflicted thoughts.
“Erm, that is…” Levisia ransacked her brain for the best solution, and after a moment or so, she finally asked Pel, “Do you want to sleep in my room tonight?” But only after saying it out loud did she realize her mistake. ‘That sounds a little…’
Weird? As she became aware of it, she noticed Pel’s face had stiffened as if he was clenching his teeth. Not later, he asked in a bewildered tone, “What on earth are you saying, right now?”
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