Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 35

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Chapter 35 – Levisia’s Doom
‘Well, when was he not.’
Honestly, Levisia too wanted to send Reign back to his palace. However, seeing him in such a weak and feeble state, she couldn’t help but fret he would collapse on his way back.
Upon their first encounter, Reign was lying on his bed, so Levisia could do whatever she pleased… Now was a different matter: he was a guest who had come to visit her, right? To feel responsible would be a natural response.
“Let’s just take care of him until they send someone from his side,” she said.
‘I’m sure he told someone before he came over. Actually, no, he did say he followed a light, so maybe not?’
“This isn’t some nursery…” Pel pointed out, but Levisia only retorted with: “The kid is too big to be called a nursery.”
Pel glanced at her and then shook his head in defeat. Seeing him surrender, Levisia left him behind and entered the drawing room only to be surprised.
“Second Prince, Your Highness.”
Reign lifted his head extremely slowly. He seemed to be reacting to sound in general.
“Are you alright? You look…” Levisia trailed off. His complexion had worsened in such a short span of time. What is his body made of, Tofu or something? Levisia wondered.
“I am o…”
Reign could barely reply, and his eyes seemed blank.
“Can I sit next to you?” Levisia asked.
“What the…” Pel, who had closed the door behind him as he entered, seemed startled. Levisia too was surprised, but being reminded of the previous day, she guessed his intention.
‘He thinks he will get better if I am next to him.’
There was that peculiar situation at the palace, and just now, he did say that he felt at ease next to her. There were plenty of reasons why Reign would consider her as some human cure of sorts. At this rate, she might have to send an invoice from her palace.
‘I guess I have no choice.’
“I’ll go next to you,” she said.
“Your Highness?”
Behind her, Pel called out with an unusually sharp tone. As Levisia took a seat beside Reign, she looked at him with eyes that said ‘what.’
Pel frowned, “What are you doing?”
“Acting as a human cure.”
Pel raised his eyebrows, but Levisia could no longer place her attention towards him as Reign sunk the moment she was seated next to him. His head was tilted, and he had his eyes closed. Seeing his weary silhouette, she couldn’t help but think out loud, “Why did you come all the way here in this state…”
She merely spoke, unexpecting of a response. But when he did not reply, she began to worry. Was he dead?
Anxious, she brought her hand towards his face. Reign must have realised as he suddenly opened his eyes. Peering into the slightly hazy purple eyes of Reign, she asked, “Your Highness, did you tell anyone before coming over here?”
“Your Highness?” After calling him a few times, Reign rolled his eyes slowly and looked in her direction. “Mmm… Did I…? I might not have…”
He was beyond rational. Levisia placed a hand to her forehead and turned around to look at Pel. “Where do we have an empty room with a bed?”
“No way, are you going to let him stay the night?”
Reign didn’t even reply to Pel’s question. He didn’t seem to be able to hear them clearly to begin with.
“I think I can go back if I rest a little…”
Oh, so he was listening.
Levisia shifted her gaze toward Reign who replied shakily and shook her head. He looked like he would pass out on the floor even before he could start making his way back. Then, the next day he would be found as a corpse…
‘Well, let’s just say I predict something like that happening.’
“We need to prepare a room.”
“We don’t have such rooms in this palace.”
That was true. They have never had a single guest so far, hence the lack of accommodations. At this realization, Levisia’s forehead deepened into a frown. Meanwhile, Reign, who had somehow managed to lift his head back up, spoke.
“Sleeping out might be a bit…”
‘We’re in the same palace, so what does he mean sleeping out?’
While Levisia was lost for words, Pel, who had regained his senses faster than her, said, “I’ll take you to my room.”
“Well, we don’t have any rooms. And like you said, he doesn’t seem to be mentally or physically capable of making it back.” Pel seemed to have completely ignored what Reign had just said.
“Then what about you?”
“We have spare duvets and blankets so I can sleep on the floor.”
As she was about to nod her head subconsciously, she stopped. Levisia was reminded of what had been bothering her for the last couple of days. ‘Pel’s room is out of bounds.’ Even for the price of her life, she may have been not entirely nice to him, but she couldn’t possibly take away his room from him as well.
“Why not use my room―”
But she was soon interrupted as she caught a glimpse of Pel’s gaze; his blue orbs were incredibly sharp.
‘I feel like I shouldn’t finish my sentence…’
She hesitated before giving in, nodding her head. “Alright.”
“But I can’t spend the night out…”
‘What is this person even saying?’
Levisia then asked Reign who had turned into a jelly, “Then are you going to go back?”
“…I at least need, cough, to inform the palace.”
Certainly so. Since he had said he had left unannounced, chaos might strike his palace tonight. Someone as sick as him to suddenly disappear out of the blue, chaos would be an understatement.
But there posed a problem: there was nobody who could send the message to Reign’s palace.
That was when Levisia met Pel’s eyes. Pel seemed to have given up, and with his usual expressionless face, replied, “I’ll go.”
‘I am doomed. I am totally doomed. I am doomed from ever being on Pel’s good side.’
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