Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 34

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Chapter 34 – Another Visitor Arrives At Night
At long last, it was past dinner, which was painfully awkward for Levisia. She delighted in a quick stroll along the garden before isolating herself in her room, and then she discovered something in the middle of the side road.
‘What is that, that figure?’
As she peered closely, she found that the strange silhouette was a person. A squatting person, at that.
‘I thought it was a ghost.’
Intrigued, she headed towards the side road— a decision which instantly filled her with regret. The face that turned to look at her was not an unfamiliar one.
“…What are you doing here?” She couldn’t not ask having their eyes met. It was even more difficult to ignore the person who she can safely say was weakness personified, crouching in front of her palace.
“Look at this.” The second prince, Reign, pointed to the grass growing next to the road.
“Something is moving.”
Her eyes followed the direction his finger curiously pointed, and there was a squirrel, rolling its large eyes as it looked around its dark surroundings. 
Was this man seriously having his knees almost touch the ground because of a mere squirrel?
“Is this the first time you’ve seen a squirrel?” she questioned. 
“Have you seen them frequently?”
“I do see them often.”
“Do you come here a lot?”
‘Why are we having this conversation…?’ She thought to herself, but nonetheless replied. “Well, this place is surrounded by lots of trees and greeneries. It’s not like I intentionally come here, my footsteps just naturally lead me here.”
“I see. Because of lots of trees.” Reign looked around and nodded his head. Then the squirrel that had been observing them took it as an opportunity and fled in an instant, at which he sighed with longing eyes. “Ah, it ran away.”
‘This person is kind of a blur…’ He was the opposite of his younger sibling, Elizabeth. How could they be so different when they were blood related? ‘Ah, the wonders of this family reach no end.’ She asked Reign as he slowly straightened himself, “So, what brings you all the way here?”
He barely managed to lift himself, trembling as if his body would collapse any moment. With a glance, she could tell he wasn’t in a wholesome condition, which her question presupposed. What was someone, who should be bedridden, doing all the way out here?
“Because I feel stable when I’m with you…”
Levisia was baffled at his reply. ‘He came all the way here, when he looked like he was going to pass out, just for a feeling?’
Her mouth opened and closed, unable to manage a response.  If it was Kraiden, it would be understandable, but she couldn’t comprehend what someone as powerless as Reign would feel from someone like her.
“Second Prince, do you also get a similar feeling from me like the Fairy Tree?”
“Fairy Tree? Maybe…”
‘This guy, he doesn’t even know what it is.’
Reign looked at her in silence and scratched the back of his head. Then, he said, “But, who are you?”
‘He came all the way here without knowing who I am?’ 
“Did you come here without even knowing who I am?”
Reign’s purple eyes blinked slowly at her question before answering. “I got up and saw a light… so I just followed it.”
“A light?”
“A bright shiny thing.”
‘Of course a light is bright and shiny.’ 
A subtle frown appeared on Reign’s face as he looked at her, and Levisia realized her expression must’ve reflected her thought. 
“Do I need to explain more? I’m tired.”
How did he get here if he even found talking to be tiring? Now, it no longer mattered if it was Kraiden or not. This entire bloodline, as a whole, is definitely problematic. In the end, she took Reign with her and headed to the palace. As they passed the entrance, Pel seemed taken aback as he spotted Reign trailing after Levisia.
“What is that thing you have trailing behind you?” he asked with narrow eyes.
“Pel, that is not a way to refer to a person.”
“A person?” He looked up and down at Reign suspiciously. He would be busy avoiding the situation if it was Elizabeth or Lidan, so it was unusual of him to be around.
‘Ah, maybe because Reign is not a Kraiden?’ Maybe he felt he didn’t have to steer clear from him since he was powerless. So, he wasn’t even trying to conceal his identity from Reign? His differentiation was rather obvious.
“He doesn’t seem very much alive, so I thought you brought along a ghost.”
After hearing Pel’s comment, she turned to look at Reign. In the light, his pale cheeks and carelessly donned white dress did make him look like a ghost from afar, which is why she had mistaken him earlier on as well.
“I hear that a lot.” Reign added on as though it wasn’t a big deal. If he heard that frequently, does that mean he was treated poorly even in his own palace?
“First, let’s go inside.”
Levisia headed towards the drawing room with Reign, who was still subject to Pel’s intense scrutiny. She had brought Reign along with her, afraid that he would pass out if he was left alone, but now she didn’t know what to do.
‘His complexion seems worse than just now, can she just send him back?’
Once more, she found herself lost in a dilemma and stared into space. Suddenly, Pel grabbed her wrist. After seeing Reign plonk himself down on the sofa in the drawing room, she turned around and faced Pel. “What is it?”
“How can you just pick anyone up like this, and at this hour.”
“He was in front of the palace, so what am I supposed to do?”
“He was in front of the palace at this time? That’s suspicious. Let’s send him back.”
“Wait, Pel!” This time, she snatched Pel’s arm and spoke firmly. “He’s not well.”
“He’s someone who might pass out on his way back.” Levisia assured Pel that Reign was a sick person, and his face turned somber. He asked, “So how did someone like that make it all the way here?”
“That’s exactly my point.”
‘Why did he come all the way here?’
“Look, look at that sickly complexion of his.” She pointed at Reign’s face through the crack in the door. Pel crossed his arms and narrowed his eyes. Levisia insisted, “Does he look like someone who can cause harm to me?” 
“He definitely looks unwell, but you never know. And besides look at the time.”
‘Since just now he keeps emphasising on the time.’  She replied, “It’s only eight o’clock.”
“It’s late.”
“Eight o’clock is late?” She raised her eyebrows.
“Of course it’s late, to visit someone.”
‘Why is Pel being so particular?’
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