Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 30

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Chapter 30 – Levisia’s Unruly Sanctuary
The next day, for the first time in a while, Levisia stayed inside and read her books. This moment had been long awaited. The peace the books radiated as the letters captured her eyes, however, was soon shattered when a familiar voice invaded her room. 
“Why haven’t you come to see me today?”
“Second Princess, your highness,” she replied and shifted from her sitting position.
Elizabeth barged in when the sun was still high in the sky and glared at her. She gnawed at her lips as she stared at me. 
“There was no instruction on me having to return,” she spoke, avoiding her gaze. 
Elizabeth’s eyes widened as if she heard something she had not expected. “Are you saying you will come by anytime at my word?”
Levisia quickly placed her book down next to her, deciding to be frank. “I also have work to do so going to see your highness everyday might be a bit of a stretch.” She actually didn’t have much to call work but if she didn’t put it this way, Elizabeth might really call her every day.
“You have work to do?” Elizabeth seemed to think for a bit and looked around. “Your palace is very small and dirty. It’s hardly breathable,” she stated with a nonchalant air about her.
“I’m sorry?” she questioned, a tad offended. Pel swept all day yesterday and mopped today. What does that make Pel if she said such words about her home?
“How dare you make me come all the way out to this place,” she stated indignantly. “Shame on you. Move into my palace at once,” she demanded.
“Your highness?” Levisia was extremely confused.
“Why, what do you want?”
Levisia could only guess how extravagant and luxurious her palace would be considering how she spoke about theirs. But why was she suddenly accusing her palace of being dirty and unpleasant and demanding that she move into her palace?
“I don’t think that’s appropriate,” Levisia replied, confusion still not leaving her.
“Why not? Then you won’t have to get out of your way to come see me.” 
‘So that was her plan all along.’ Suppressing a sigh to escape her lips, Levisia politely declined her offer. “I still prefer her own palace. I find it comfortable.”
“C-comfortable? Where? How is it comfortable?” Elizabeth asked, appearing to be completely baffled.
“I like the tranquil and all the trees surrounding the place. I don’t mind being in a secluded area. It’s beautiful.”
I’m less likely to run into a Kraiden, too. This she didn’t say.
“Then I will stay here too!” She exclaimed.
“What?” Utter bewilderment littered her voice as Levisia regarded her. “You just said it was small and dirty and unpleasant…”
“You wouldn’t mind fixing up the place excluding the things you’ve mentioned?”
‘Fix, what?’ Levisia’s features twisted into one of confusion. No sooner had the words left Elizabeth’s lips that people barged into the palace. They cleared the grassy path leading outside the palace. Flat stones were placed strategically to form a walkway and the trees were trimmed, vastly improving their appearance.
“This looks much better now,” Elizabeth exclaimed as she surveyed the area. The unseemly path had been transformed into something that would not be out of place in a luxurious garden. Yet Elizabeth’s exclamation of satisfaction was bothersome. It was rather adorable when Elizabeth appeared earlier that day with leaves in her hair. 
“The rest will be completed soon enough,” she made a sweeping motion. “I shall not be doing this again since I am busy,” she stated with an air of superiority.
“Your highness is the one who invited herself here…” Levisia trailed off slowly with slight confusion. Elizabeth harrumphed and pursed her lips, “Don’t stand here looking ill and go in!”
Levisia bowed to Elizabeth, bidding her farewell. As Elizabeth hesitantly took her steps, the words that rolled out of her tongue with a blush tinting her face were, “Not offering to stay for dinner? How inconsiderate.”
Levisia stood still in the silence that permeated the air.
“I even purposely came by at this hour.” Her last mumbling words were the least expected.
‘I had to offer her to stay?’ She could have hinted at it instead of expecting her to know. But when you have to farm just to feed three people, offering a meal to someone else was a feat of luxury. Their food is precious; she could not simply afford to offer indifferently as though they were basking in riches.
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