Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 29

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Chapter 29 – The Sun as Red as Blood
The sun had painted the sky crimson by the time Levisia finally returned to the palace. 
“You’re finally back.” Pel was sweeping up the entrance when she came through. “You haven’t eaten yet, right?”
“No. I think I’ll have a simple meal. I’m tired.” She replied, covering her mouth as a soft yawn escaped.
“I’ll relay the message.” Pel continued to sweep, not minding her presence one bit. Levisia stood in the corner and watched him.
“What are you doing?” His eyes narrowed in confusion. 
“Nothing.” She continued watching him sweep.
“I thought you were tired. Why don’t you go inside and rest?”
“It seems like I haven’t seen you for quite some time recently,” she said softly.
Pel stopped sweeping and looked up at her words. A peculiar expression crossed his face as it caught the glow of the sunset. “So you’re just going to stand there and watch me?”
“Can’t I?” She questioned with a slight smile gracing her words. 
“Imagine how it feels to be observed,” he replied monotonously.  
‘Would it be uncomfortable,’ she wondered. “So you don’t like it?” 
“It’s not that exactly. Doesn’t bother me that much.” Pel looked away from her. 
She placed her arms under her bosom and settled into watching him. The way he worked with a blank expression made him seem like a statue. Always blank and hiding secrets. After a quiet moment, Pel broke the silence. 
“You always have your way, Your highness.”
“Me?” She shook her head in denial at his words. “There’s no one more predictable than me. Where else would you find another master easier to attend to?” ‘I always gently inform the attendants when they forget their manners and I let rude behaviors slide.’
“That’s not what I mean.”
“Then what?” She asked, slightly annoyed. The only sound that echoed in the room was the broom’s strokes as it swept the ground. Pel calmly spoke, “Your highness is the one who’s been absent these days, not me. But now you’re…” He trailed off and Levisia tilted her head to the side. “Watching you as I please?”
“Well, basically, yes.”
“You can watch me too, then.” She gathered her long dress and crouched down. Pel gave her a baffled look at her ungraceful posture on the ground.
“Like you, your highness?”
“Nothing will happen even if we don’t see each other for a couple of days,” Pel muttered.
“You’re the one who felt sad about it.”
“Who said anything about being sad—” 
Levisia interrupted before he could finish speaking. “Then I’ll just keep watching you,” she informed him.
“See, you do insist on your own way.” Pel shook his head and put away the broom.
“Are you done?” She queried as she lifted herself off the ground.
“I’ll finish it up later.”
“Because of me?”
“Half of it is,” he stated, looking into the distance. 
“What about the other half?” She took a step towards Pel and he immediately withdrew with narrowed eyes. “Why do you keep trying to strike up a conversation today?” He asked with blatant suspicion.
“We haven’t talked much lately,” she replied nonchalantly.
“I know. So why are you suddenly like this?” Pel looked down at her with his head to one side as he gestured to her. “Have you always been this concerned about me?”
“Of course. You’ll be with me when I leave the royal grounds,” she stated confidently.
Pel’s face stiffened at her words. ‘Did I say something wrong?’ She pondered while he lowered his head.  
“Are you sincere about that statement?”
“You won’t come with me?” She was bewildered. Would he want to stay behind? ‘Leave Pel behind knowing what will happen here? I couldn’t do that.’
“Not that,” he said. “The part where you will leave this place.”
“I’ve said it before. I haven’t changed her mind.” Even after getting involved with the Kraidens, she still worried for her life. She became more desperate after getting entangled with their lives. Instead of withering away amongst them, she’d rather leave. Running away would be the best way to survive.  
“But you have been spending time with them.” She knew exactly who Pel was referring to when he said ‘them’. “They’re all…” Pel suddenly stopped.
Pel looked up when Levisia parroted his words. His calm golden eyes stared at her for a brief moment, and he slowly glided past her. “It’s nothing. Let’s go in. it’s getting dark.” He walked by her and led the way. 
The sunset that lit the path was as red as blood. 
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