Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 28

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Chapter 28 – Miracle by an Untold Princess
‘Could I really be a human medicine?’ Levisia was floating about her thoughts when Elizabeth urgently called out to her, dragging her back to reality. 
“Looks like he is going to wake up. When he does, please don’t tell him I was here,” she said as she hurriedly gathered herself.
“I’m sorry? What do you- Your Highness! Your Highness!”
She let go of his hand and rushed out of the room.
‘What is going on?’ Levisia was about to follow Elizabeth but just as she took a step, a hand closed around her wrist and she was rooted to her spot. The hand encircling her wrist was big, pale and rough against her skin. ‘No way.’ She slowly turned her head to see the man staring at her with hooded purple eyes— the same purple eyes that she had been looking into just a few minutes ago. Eyes just like Elizabeth’s. 
“Did you save…” He trailed off as if unsure whether he should continue the question.
‘Damn it.’
“Nope,” she quickly answered, hoping that there would be no misunderstandings. He coughed into his fist and bestowed her a look of confusion. “Then why are you…” He motioned to the room they were in, his uncertainty very clear in his tone.
“That’s, I mean…” she dragged out her words, a bit unsure what to say to him. “Anyway, that’s not the case.”
A cough escaped him as he fist the sheets in his hand. “Water please,” he called as he cleared his throat after his hacking fit.
“You are mistaken. Alright?” Levisia declared, completely ignoring him. She wanted to get it across to him that she did not save him.
“Okay,” he said as he broke down coughing again. “But water!” He exclaimed as he let out another round of coughs that sounded painful. “Are you trying to kill…” He relapsed into another coughing fit, and Levisia slowly turned her head towards him.
She observed him as she realized that he was desperately pleading for something while she was trying to explain herself.  ‘Water? Did he ask for water?’ She looked around the room and noticed a pitcher of water on the table tucked next to the bed. She hastily picked up the pitcher and handed it to him as she repeated what she had been saying. “I’m not it. Whatever you’re thinking I am, I’m not it. Whatever or whoever you’re thinking of isn’t me,” she said, stressing that it wasn’t her.
Silence pervaded the room as her words reached their end. She continued observing him. She already had a lot on her plate with Siaphyl, Lidan, and Elizabeth and she refuses to be needed by another person.
Levisia watched as he just stared at the pitcher and looked over to her like she was an idiot. ‘I should give him a cup for his water though,’ she thought as his gaze remained on the jug. “Here’s the cup. Drink as much as you like. It should soothe your throat and make it feel better.”
He looked up at her with his dull purple eyes and closed them with a sigh. He didn’t acknowledge the glass she was holding out to him as if he no longer needed the water.  
Levisia stared down at the man laid out on the bed and couldn’t help but wonder if he was alive. He looked so lifeless. ‘Did I kill him?’ She could see not a single movement. Just as she was about to go over and check, she heard his harsh breathing and sighed in relief. ‘Good. He’s still alive.’
She was genuinely relieved. She worried she was going to get caught with assassinating a royalty again. That’s a relief. If she had gotten a verdict of, ‘death caused by the fifteenth princess’s refusal to give water,’ it would’ve been terrible. She would be in so much trouble.
She moved towards the bed and removed the pitcher from his hand, returning it to the table. She turned around to exit the room when Elizabeth, who she thought had left, poked her head in.  
“Your Highness?” she questioned, a bit confused that she was still around.
“What happened? Did he not wake up?”
She shook her head as she looked down at the man who was fast asleep. “No he did wake up. He just fell asleep.”
‘He is sleeping right?’ Levisia wondered silently as she stared at his unmoving body. ‘I hope he didn’t pass out due to dehydration.’ 
Elizabeth quietly approached as she gazed upon hima and muttered, “He looks much better.”
She was right. A minute ago he had looked like he was about to be placed in a coffin, but now color had been added to his skin.
“So you are indeed…” Elizabeth looked at Levisia and she could see the question in her brilliantly purple eyes. 
“No, Your Highness.”
“What?” She asked as if her statement baffled her. 
“This is all because of your caring heart, Your Highness. You reached out to him and helped with his recovery.”
“W-what do you mean?” She exclaimed, a blush coating her cheeks. “I didn’t care for anyone!”
Levisia shook her head softly at her words as a slight smile attached itself to her lips. If she didn’t care, then why was she rushing around with desperate eyes and wishes he would get better? Elizabeth shook her head profusely in denial.
“W-why would I care for something like him?” She stuttered as she wrung her fingers.
“He is, at the very least, your brother. How could you call him a ‘thing’?” 
“B-brother! I’ve never had a pale thing like him as a brother!”
This man who had been at Death’s Door was the Second Prince, fReign Moror. He is Elizabeth’s biological brother. Despite being of noble birth, he had no powers like Elizabeth so he wasn’t bestowed the Kraiden name. He is very sick and his only sister pretends to not care about him. They always say he was unfortunate. His existence contrasted Elizabeth’s, who is extremely fortunate. 
‘Maybe I should have helped him earlier with the water situation. Maybe he deserved to know that someone was looking out for his well-being.’ Levisia looked at him with pity and regret for he was so unfortunate.  
Denying that she cared for her family, Elizabeth quickly changed the subject. “You seem to have some connection with the Fairy Tree,” she stated randomly.
“Pardon?” Confusion laced her voice as she shot her a bewildered look.
“You really don’t know?”
Levisia merely stared at her silently, waiting for her to elaborate. 
“The feeling you’re giving off?” 
She nodded her head at her but couldn’t help but wonder why she was oblivious to the things they seemed to know.
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