Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 25

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Chapter 25 – Becoming Prey 
“Lidan Serger, leave.”
“What a way to greet someone, sis.”
“Do you not hear me? I don’t want to see your face for another second.” When Elizabeth spoke angrily, Lidan waved her off. “I didn’t really come here to see the Second Princess either.”
‘Didn’t he just tell me he might as well see her since he came by?’
“On the way here, I saw some ass holding back our Rabbit.”
He was definitely talking about Vager. He had called him his brother just a moment ago; now, he was calling Vager an arse.
“Why are you bringing that up…”
“What did you just say?”
Just then, Elizabeth unexpectedly had a murderous response. A spark of light erupted in the air. When Levisia turned toward Elizabeth, she realized she had released her power; it was electricity that sparked. Elizabeth’s wavy golden hair swayed in the air as though the wind blew in the room. Lidan momentarily shrunk at the scene but soon laughed as it was funny.
‘What is so funny about her looks?’ Levisia just wanted to get out of this palace. She felt like she needed to leave the room before something broke. ‘What if I get electrocuted standing next to Lidan?’ Terrified at the chance, she slowly moved away from Lidan.
Lidan once again spoke up, not realizing the mood. “Your highness must be intrigued by Rabbit seeing as you have been keeping her around the past few days.”
Intrigued? Levisia must’ve felt the same way as well. There was no way someone who is as calculating as Elizabeth would keep her around them with no reason.  The problem was, it seems like neither Levisia nor her seem to know why.
“Take care of your surroundings. I wouldn’t have exposed Rabbit like that for some trash to hang around her.”
With Lidan’s provocation, Elizabeth’s power grew even menacingly. Her hair began to shine like Pikachu who was just about to let out a million bolts.
‘I must escape!’ Levisia withdrew, attempting to escape from the sight of Elizabeth and Lidan. Her back barely touched the door when she was caught.
“Stop right there, Levisia.”
“Where are you going, Rabbit?”
They both turned to look at her at the same time. It was a moment of sheer horror more than that of a midsummer night’s horror movie.
‘Poor Rabbit. How did you end up gaining favor in Elizabeth’s eyes?’ Lidan looked at Levisia with pity.
‘You shouldn’t be the one making that face at me!’ Just when Levisia raised her eyebrows in defiance, Elizabeth shot up kicking her chair away. Crash! With the sound, Lidan winked at Levisia at the same time.
“Well, my work is done here, so…”
‘Wait, you’re just going to leave after stirring up the atmosphere like this?’ Before realizing, Levisia grabbed Lidan’s arm that was holding the handle. She gave him a look of, ‘take me with you,’ but he only whispered petty words to her. “I didn’t realize it would be so hard to see your face the past few days, Rabbit.”
‘That’s certainly not my fault!’
“If you leave like this, it will be harder to see me again.”
“Then I shall come find you until I see you.”
What a hopeless person!
“Well then. Cheers, sis.”
After driving Elizabeth up the wall, Lidan left cold-heartedly and Levisia was left alone with her who was about to explode. Levisia couldn’t help but feel like a prey thrown into the predator’s den. A very hungry predator at that.
As she held her breath, Levisia heard Elizabeth’s voice.
“That ass.” She let go of the pen she was holding. It had already burned up and became a pile of ash that soon blew away in the gentle wind.
“Where is he?”
Her voice sounded murderous still.
* * *
The next day, Levisia went to the main palace where Elizabeth was as if she was clocking in for work. ‘How long do I have to keep this going…?’ Every day began with opening the box sent by Elizabeth, watering the crops, and busily getting ready. 
And she would have to go into the main palace with all the unwanted attention.
She walked towards the palace begrudgingly, and when she arrived at the entrance, her eyes widened. Unlike other days, the courtyard was empty. ‘Is the main palace taking a break today?’ Elizabeth would’ve let her know if that was the case. Levisia passed the empty path and walked up the stairs. Then she saw the palace guards at their posts as usual. ‘So they must not be on a break then.’
She showed them her pass to the palace and they nodded their heads in approval. “Pardon me, did something happen today?” She asked, pointing behind her. The guards looked at each other and shook their heads.
“We don’t know either.”
“This has never happened before while we were on duty.”
So this was an unusual incident. Levisia glanced back and bowed to them. It was only when she arrived at Elizabeth’s office when she found out who wiped the palace courtyard clean.
When Levisia entered through the door held open by the attendant, Elizabeth wasn’t tending to her work as she normally would but was looking out the window as if to wait for someone and turned to look at Levisia.
“Was your way here peaceful?”
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