Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 24

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Chapter 24 – Still No Change 
When Levisia’s fingertips touched the Fairy Stone, it began to tremble. 
The strength of one’s power was measured by the saturation of the color the stone changes into. Elizabeth was popular for having the stone change its shade into a deep hue of yellow, depicting her destructive power to manipulate electricity.
Levisia, on the other hand…
“You are unbelievably weak.”
The stone exhibited no change in color; in fact the gem remained exactly as it is: bright green. It showed not the slightest change in its saturation.
“Just as I thought. You wouldn’t have any power.” Elizabeth waved her hand in dismissal. However, the stone’s answer provided her relief. Levisia breathed a sigh which she’d been holding and asked, “Then may I leave now?
Elizabeth scrunched her forehead. “What do you mean? I’m not feeling well so tend to me before you go.” 
* * *
It’s been three days since Elizabeth has claimed she ‘wasn’t feeling well’, and consequently, Levisia had to come by her palace since then to tend after her.
‘What did I do in my previous life to deserve this?’ All Levisia would do is go to Elizabeth’s office and watch her to do her work. When she grew bored of it, she’d look around the library attached to Elizabeth’s office… and eat with her when it was time.
‘Perhaps through another person’s spectacles, I was the one being tended. Well, at least I haven’t seen Lidan and Siaphyl thanks to this ordeal…’
“Look, she came today again.”
It’s been three days since she attracted unwanted attention as well. A group of men huddled together muttered whispers with one another, fixing their gazes at Levisia. She couldn’t bother to spare a glance at their way and only hurried her steps.
The main palace where Elizabeth undertook her royal responsibilities constantly had many people come and go, mostly because most prominent figures always gathered here. However, noticing Levisia presence for the third day at a place one would need to be authorized to enter provoked tittle-tattles about her.
“Who did she line up behind?”
“I’ve never seen her? Which family is she from?”
“Should I line up there too?”
They didn’t even know she was a princess. ‘Well… Not even all the royalties know each other, so it’s not surprising.’ As she hastened her pace, deliberately ignoring them, someone suddenly stepped in front of her.
When Levisia looked up, one of the whispering men she passed by stood before, an awkward smile painted on his lips. “Um, could we talk for a minute?”
“I’m sorry?”
“It won’t be long, I just need a moment.”
Then, she noticed a group slowly approaching behind him. ‘Darn it, I’ve been caught.’ Feeling embarrassed, Levisia shook her head. “I’m sorry. I have to be in there by 11 o’clock.”
“It’s 10:50 right now.”
‘Why does he seem rather rude?’ Levisia must’ve sensed correctly as he smiled saying it was a mistake. ‘I’m not in the mood for smiling…’ It was rather exhausting, so she decided to concede and nodded, “We can talk.”
“Oh, from which family you might be from?”
She stared at him without a word. Levisia already knew this man standing before her.
The Sixteenth Prince, Vager Roffle. Though he’s older than her, he was introduced into the royal family later than Levisia. This will be embarrassing for him, but she needed to get going. “I’m-”
“Hey, Rabbit?”
A familiar voice interrupted from behind. When she turned her head around, Levisia saw Lidan smiling and waving his hand at her. “I’ve finally run into you. Are you going to Elizabeth’s office today too?”
“T-the Third Prince, Your Highness?” Vager eyes widened, not because of Levisia but of Lidan. When Lidan heard his name addressed, he blinked his eyes and asked her, “Who is this? Do you know him? I have no idea who this is.”
Lies, Levisia thought. There was no way Lidan, who instantly recognized her, wouldn’t know Vager. At least his power was measured to a three.
“This is Vager Roffle, your highness.”
“Huh, what?”
Vager, not expecting Levisia to know his name, appeared bewildered and pointed at her with his finger. Just then, Lidan grabbed and folded his finger down and smiled. “This is the Fifteenth Princess Levisia White. Let’s try to at least know each other’s faces, brother.” Lidan then stretched his arm toward Levisia after introducing her to Vager, “Shall we go then, sis?”
“I don’t need a hand.”
“You’re being too hard, I haven’t seen you in a while.”
Soon, Levisia entered the main palace with Lidan, leaving behind the pale-faced Vager. For some reason, Lidan followed behind Levisia just like he did back at her own palace.
“Didn’t you have some business to tend to?”
“There’s something I must do first before my own business right in front of me.”
‘I shouldn’t have asked.’
She hurriedly arrived at Elizabeth’s office. When Levisia knocked on the door, she heard a voice telling her to come in.
“Are you going to come in with me as well?”
“Might as well see our Elizabeth’s face since I’m here.”
I didn’t think you were that close to her to say ‘our Elizabeth’.
Just as she had expected, when Elizabeth saw Lidan entering in with Levisia, she immediately ordered him to leave.
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