Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 23

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Chapter 23 – Strange Tingles
Levisia stopped when she heard a voice as she entered the office. Then she looked at how differently she was dressed. This pale green dress, one of the dresses Elizabeth sent, was quite luxurious. So much that Sheila kept admiring it as she helped Levisia into it. She thought of what Sheila said, so deeply touched, that finally her lady gets to wear a dress like this. She had to show her gratitude. 
“Thank you for lending me the dress, your highness.”
“L-lend you? What do you mean? You want me to wear clothes that you’ve worn?”
“But you sent me three dresses…”
“I- I said I found them on my way over here!”
“Even all the necklaces as well?”
“Yes!” Elizabeth insisted.  “More importantly, come over here.”
Confused, she walked over to where Elizabeth was beckoning. There was a large light green gem wrapped in silk.
“This is…”
“This is the Fairy Stone. You’ve seen it before at least once?”
“Yes, I have seen it before…”
Every child adopted into the royal family has touched this Fairy Stone at least once. It measures the strength of one’s natural ability.
“Be grateful it is under my care. I will especially give you another chance to touch it.”
Incredulous, Levisia took a couple steps back. It probably won’t measure any differently now but one can never be too sure.
‘What if it did change?’ Others might tell Levisia she’s counting her chickens before they’re hatched, but this was an important matter to her. ‘There has never been a case where the results changed…’ The incident in the Fairy Forest kept coming to her mind.
“What is the matter?”
“No, thank you.”
“I said come here.”
“I know how much my ability measures. There is no need to do it ag-” As Levisia withdrew a few steps, Elizabeth inched towards her. “You do not know your ability and yet you are trying to hide it.”
She saw right through her then grabbed a hold of her hand. Just then, a painful tingly feeling spread from Levisia’s fingertips. Elizabeth must’ve felt the same thing; she let go of her hand and frowned. “You, what did you do?”
“I’m sorry? I didn’t do anything..”
“Then why is my strength…” Elizabeth stumbled as she spoke. Startled, Levisia instinctively grabbed her arm. “Are you okay, Your Highness?”
“Let- let me go.”
Elizabeth shook her arm weakly. Why is she like this all of a sudden? Suddenly, the words ‘crime of assasination of the imperial family’ in bold red symbols flashed fleetingly in Levisia’s head.
‘No!’ If she doesn’t do anything, she could get all the blame. Levisia quickly escorted her to the sofa and sat her down. “Your highness, are you feeling better? Your Highness?”
As she sat there still frowned and gasping for air, even her eyes seemed hazy. Levisia looked around and brought over the tea that appeared to be hers.
“Your highness, drink this.” She tipped the cup on her lips holding her chin up and Elizabeth weakly took a sip. When the cup was empty, she began to ponder. ‘Should I call her attendant over her?’ There was no more spare time to debate. A person collapsed after losing her strength, she needed to do what she could do.
“Please wait just a moment, your highness. I’ll have your attendants call the doctor.”
“W..ait…” Elizabeth grabbed her hand again. This time there was no tingling sensation. “My hand…”
Though Elizabeth didn’t finish her sentence, Levisia realized what she was going to say and clasped her hand with hers.
‘It seemed like she was asking me to hold her hand.’
She wasn’t sure if this was right, but Elizabeth closed her eyes as soon as Levisia held her hand. So she was right. After holding hands for some time, her breathing relaxed and she opened her eyes. Soon she looked up at her and asked, “You, what… really are you?”
“I’m Levisia White, your highness.”
“Not that.”
“There’s nothing else besides…”
This time, there was nothing she could do for Elizabeth’s frowning face.
“Are you feeling better now?”
“Much better than before. Take your hand off.”
“Erm, you are holding my hand, Your Highness.”
Elizabeth was startled as she looked down at their clasped hands and immediately snatched hers from her. “Hm, hmph!”
‘You may hide your hands, but it already happened, Your highness, princess.’ Levisia swallowed the words she couldn’t say out loud. After a long silence, Elizabeth had regained her composure, and she was able to ask her about what just happened.
“So, your strength left you after the tingling sensation?”
“Yes. And you really didn’t do it?”
“Why would I do such a thing?”
The incident became more and more baffling.
“I also felt the tingling.”
“But you were fine though.”
“That’s true…”
“So it was your doing-”
Elizabeth rubbed her temples as though she had a headache. Levisia’s head was hurting as well.
“Why won’t you touch the Fairy Stone? Is something weighing on your mind?”
Levisia rubbed her cheeks without saying a word. She glanced at the Fairy Stone laid out on the desk. “Could I bring the Fairy Stone over here?”
After having Elizabeth’s permission, she moved the stone to the table. When Levisia set the silk wrap down, Elizabeth gave her a look. A look to coax her into doing something.
‘…Guess there’s nothing I can do.’
Levisia took a deep breath and reached out her hand.
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