Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 22

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Chapter 22 – Passing Storm
Lidan said that Levisia drew him to her the first time they met. That has never happened before. Just then, she remembered the most recent peculiar phenomenon.
“If you’re talking about the incident at the Fairy Tree Forest recently-”
“Sister, that’s…!”
“Rabbit, wait-”
“Fairy Tree Forest? The forest?” Elizabeth sharply reacted to the word Fairy Forest. “Tell me more about the incident. You two, leave us right now.” Elizabeth managed to kick two people out with her mere glare. Suddenly, Levisia became nervous as a rabbit would be in front of its predator when she was left alone with her.
‘I thought she was a cold person who would not listen to a word out of my mouth.’
What a change of character. Must be why she is the leading candidate for the throne as the next emperor.
“So, what happened in the forest?”
With her anxiety climbing, Levisia explained to her what happened that night. The strange phenomenon that occurred the deeper she went into the forest. The mysterious lights. When her short tale ended, Elizabeth was deep in thought. Levisia had hoped that she might know what those lights were but she was wrong, as she expected.
“I’ve never heard of such a thing. Floating lights in the Fairy Forest.”
‘So even Elizabeth doesn’t know about it?’
“And the lights circled around you?”
“Yes. I remember it clearly.”
Elizabeth stared at Levisia while she sat with her legs crossed. She remained mute for a while, her chin resting on her palm. Then she broke the silence.
“Come to the main palace tomorrow.”
“There’s something I want to check so come early in the morning.” Her slender finger then pointed at my outfit. “Also, don’t come to my palace wearing those.”
‘What’s wrong with my outfit…?’ Levisia looked down at herself and tilted her head. It’s not a bad dress. She doesn’t see what’s the problem. Of course, it couldn’t be compared to the extravagant dress Elizabeth was wearing.
“If you come in that outfit, you will be like the invitation you trampled on.”
“…I’m sorry?”
“You will be trampled on as well.” Elizabeth scanned Levisia with her arms crossed. “You’re not saying you don’t have any decent dress to wear?”
“If you’re referring to the dress your highness is wearing as decent, then I’m afraid so.”
“Ha! I’ve had enough of this. Come with me this instant! I will send some your way with my attendant.”
“Oh, no. There is no need for…”
Elizabeth began to leave the room but then turned around. “What are you doing? You should come and see me off!” She declared, as if to say ‘how dare you not see this noble person off’. Awkwardly, Levisia followed after her and bid her goodbye.
“I bid you safe travels, your highness.”
“Hmph!” Elizabeth glowered at Lidan and Siaphyl who were standing next to Levisia and left the palace. She didn’t forget to huff and puff as she walked through the grassy path.
‘Why does it seem like a storm just went by…’ Levisia stood dazed when a few attendants soon appeared with several sparkly boxes in their hands.
“The Second Princess has sent these to you.”
“All of these?”
“That’s unlike Elizabeth.”
“Sister Elizabeth did this…?”
Having witnessed the same scenario, Lidan and Siaphyl seemed uneasy about this.
“There’s a message her highness sends with these. If it pleases you, could I recite it right now?”
“What? Yes. Please do.”
Levisia hoped it was not anything bizarre.
“I’ve found these on my way so do as you wish after you have worn them! End quote.”
Upon seeing the attendant’s face turning red with embarrassment, she quietly looked away.
‘Why are we the one who must feel embarrassed?’
* * *
Elizabeth noticed her strange behavior. After seeing the Fifteenth Princess, she had become peculiarly fond of her. ‘Impossible.’ She tried to keep her guard up, but before she knew it, she was acting foolishly. ‘What could she be?’
It must be the same reason why Lidan and Siaphyl were drawn to her. If she could, she wanted to interrogate the girl of what she’s done to her. But her heart and body responded honestly unlike her head. The day after meeting the Fifteenth Princess, Elizabeth found herself checking the clock constantly.
“When is she coming?” Just as she angrily exclaimed this, an attendant outside made an announcement. “Your highness, the Fifteenth Princess has arrived.”
Right now? Without realizing, Elizabeth shot up but immediately sat back down to maintain her dignity.
“She may enter.”
Despite her effort to seem calm, her voice had an air of excitement.
Elizabeth flipped through some paperwork to appear uninterested but her eyes still glanced at the door. It seemed like forever waiting for that door to open. And for some reason, every time she saw a figure through the crack of the door, her heart pounded.
‘Calm down, Elizabeth Seine Kraiden. This is unlike you.’ She repeatedly told herself as if to hypnotize herself but soon caught Levisia’s eyes. Unsurprisingly, she made a foolish comment as soon as she saw Levisia’s face.
“Hmph! Now you look more acceptable with that outfit!”
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