Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 20

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Chapter 20 – If Grace Walks 
The next day, Lidan and Siaphyl came to see Levisia as usual. When she asked why they didn’t come by yesterday, they responded with a somewhat cheerful expression on their faces.
“Did you miss me, Levisia?” 
“Did you wait for me, sister?”
‘That’s not what I meant…’ Irritated, she rolled her eyes. They both seemed to think ‘of course not’ as they observed her face.
“Did something happen?”
“You seem to be anxious.”
Was it that obvious? She rubbed her face and replied, “The Second Princess sent me an invitation to her tea party.”
 “Sister Elizabeth did?” 
Just as she expected, they were just as surprised as she was. “So you don’t know about it.” Levisia thought they might know the reason behind it.
“Did she find out about that incident a couple days ago..?” Lidan muttered to himself while Siaphyl asked, “So what did you decide to do?”
It was a remarkable question with an assumption that she had a choice about how to respond to the invitation. ‘Well, I did make a choice.’ Levisia answered, remembering her response letter. “I declined.” 
“Oh… Really?” Siaphyl seemed surprised but soon let out a sigh of relief. “I’m glad you did, sister.”
She was being praised by the youngest one. Siaphyl comforted Levisia, assuring her don’t have to attend the tea party. Just then, Lidan spoke up as he watched Siaphyl’s actions. “Was it really a good decision?” 
“I’m sorry?”
“What do you mean, brother?”
“Knowing Elizabeth, if she gets declined…” Lidan muttered, shuddering at his own words. At the same time, Siaphyl seemed to turn pale upon hearing what Lidan said. Soon, an ominous feeling arose inside Levisia upon witnessing their reactions.
Will it be okay?
* * *
Every second Saturday of the month, a tea party is held at the palace of the second Princess, Elizabeth. The tea party’s name is ‘Daia’. It was a well-known and highly reputed event that, if you’re an esteemed royal lady, you’d want to attend at least once in your life. It was where you could gain the favor of the one who could become the next emperor. But…
Today, out of only nine seats for the party, one remained vacant. Who could have dared declined the invitation to the party everyone is dying to attend?
‘Levisia White…’
Elizabeth sipped her tea as the name echoed in her head. She wondered the audacity of the mere fifteenth princess. How dare she decline the invite, a seat at the Daia? 
‘I shall see. How long you think you can avoid me.’
Elizabeth gritted her teeth as she swallowed her tea. Her eyes flashed as she glared at the empty seat.
* * * 
Levisia felt suddenly chilly. She shivered as she sat where the sun warmly shone down. “Strange,” she muttered. 
“What is it, your highness?”
“I’m a bit cold.”
“Shall I bring some covering?”
“No, I’m fine now.”
She could see the worrisome face of Sheila.  But it was only a momentarily cold. 
“Shall we go now, then?”
On this ordinary afternoon, after watering the crops, Levisia decided to have a much awaited cozy lunchtime with Pel and Sheila.
“The sun is lovely outside.”
When Pel laid down the blanket, Sheila placed the basket down and pulled the cutlery. While watching this, Levisia’s eyes turned to Pel when he flinched. 
“What’s wrong?”
“Nothing… I have to make a visit somewhere.”
“What? Where?”
“Great timing, Pel. Go and bring a couple more plates,” Sheila intervened.
“Okay.” Pel hurriedly left the place, which seemed oddly familiar… Levisia’s eyes furrowed in thought as she took one bite of the sandwich. Then she heard an unfamiliar voice from somewhere. “What’s that noise?”
Sheila and Levisia searched for the origin of the sound after eyes met.  Then they realized it was coming from the grassy path that leads out of the palace.
‘Could it be Lidan and Siaphyl again?’ Did Pel really run away leaving me behind, again? But the person who appeared from the weeds was not someone who she expected.
“The path is not taken care of at all. Is it meant to be walked on?”
With her golden hair neatly twisted into an updo adorned with leaves, even her complaining voice was full of grace.
“She is…”
Levisia stood up, almost mistaking her for a doll walking in such a way. Just then, she made eye contact with the purple orbs looking her way. She bit her lips as she looked at Levisia. “
So it was you, who trampled on my invitation.” 
The Second Princess Elizabeth Seine Kraiden. The one who sent the invitation to the tea party, had come to Levisia’s palace herself.
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