Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 18

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Chapter 18 – Further Into the Forest
One morning, as soon as she woke up, she thought, ‘I have to go to the fairy tree forest.’ The more she looked back on what Lidan and Siaphyl had said, the more she was convinced. 
Levisia, who has had no contact with the Fairy Tree even once, to be told that she radiates the same feeling one feels from the magical tree. The more she pondered over it, the more strange it was, but since two people had already claimed such, there was no doubt about it. 
It would be difficult to enter the forest, but it was possible to see it from afar. She hurried to prepare for her trip after lunch. Then, she found her two brothers who entered her palace, struggling without fail. When she saw them, they had just found her and raised their hands. 
“Why are you out, sister?”
They spoke in unison.
“I’d like to go to the Fairy tree forest.”
“Fairy tree?”
The two spoke at the same time once more.
“Yes, I’d like to check something.” She explained to the two of them that they had said something similar to her. Siaphyl added that he felt like he was next to a Fairy Tree.
“I think something’s changed since the day I woke up after being seriously ill… I’m not sure.”
“That happened?”
“Is that true?”
Lidan and Siapyl looked at each other and spoke simultaneously.
“Then go with me.”
“I’ll go with you, sister.”
“Are you two going to go together? If not, I was going to go there sooner or later.”
“It’s been a while since I’ve been to the Fairy Tree forest, so I want to go too.”
Levisia was puzzled, but she agreed nonetheless. ‘If you go with two people, you may be able to find a definite answer.’
“Well, then, my sister… Rather than now, why don’t you avoid people’s attention and go later at night?” Siaphyl quickly added. At that moment, Lidan nodded as he glanced at Siaphyl. “That would be great, Levisia.”
Why should it be when there are no people? She was wondering for a moment, but then immediately agreed. She thought it would be good to follow Siaphyl’s words, considering the commotion that would ensue if someone else were to see them in her company.
“Then I’ll tell guards to keep the forest open at night.”
“Oh, you can go into the forest?”
Lidan laughed at her as he ran a hand through his hair. “Did you forget who I am?”
Sadly, there was nothing to refute about his own self-worth.
* * *
Lidan, Siaphyl, and Levisia agreed to meet at the entrance to the Fairy Tree grove at  ten in the evening. Thanks to Lidan’s hard work, she was able to enter the forest after they exchanged greetings with the guards at the entrance.
“Sister, here you are.” Siaphyl, who had arrived first, waved.
“I think the third prince must not be here yet.”
“I am here.”
She thought the answer resounded from above, and right at that moment, Lidan, who was on the tree, jumped in front of her. The trees in the fairy grove are strictly managed, including sitting on its branches.
“Is it okay?” she asked.
“There is nothing that can’t be done,” Lidan said.
“It can’t be true, sister.” Siaphyl whispered as if he was only telling her, and Lidan laughed at the whisper. “Our youngest brother is still small, so it’s hard to climb the tree, right? Would you like your brother to lift you?”
“The tree will hurt, so I will refuse, brother.”
How did they get along like this? She shook her head, following Lidan and Siaphyl. The deeper they delved into the middle of the forest, the brighter the surroundings became. It was because the leafy fairy trees shed a pale light. She swallowed her admiration as she watched the forest dyed in purple, blue and white. She even had to close my mouth that hung in awe to a mysterious sight. Even the fallen leaves that were trampled by rust and steps gleamed brightly. Looking down at her feet, she saw another mystical sight.
The flowers, which bowed their heads, suddenly began to bloom one by one. She wasn’t the only one who saw the scene; Lidan and Siaphyl, who had been walking earlier, also stopped when they saw the flowers that started to blossom.
“What is it?”
The two men, who used to frequently stroll in the forest, also seemed to have never witnessed this before. Their feet stopped in confusion, and at the next instant, the three of them were left in utter astonishment.
“What is this…”
The lumps of light that appeared one by one began to gather around her. She met eyes with the two, who were hesitant of the peculiar occurrence. Alternately, they were surprised to see the orbs of light.
“What is this?’ She stiffened, not knowing what to do. ‘Why?’
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