Novel Name : Favored By The Villain

Favored By The Villain - Chapter 17

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Chapter 17 – The White Rabbit
Ever since Lidan and Siaphyl ran into each other in Levisia palace, their visits to her place have been frequent. They often come at the same time as though they had planned it, and whenever that happened, they would frequently quarrel. Just like right now. 
“Baby brother, you shouldn’t be neglecting your studies.”
“What do you mean neglect, brother? I am a very diligent student.”
“Then how is it that you come here every day, hm?”
“The class ends early because I am very diligent in studies, brother.”
“I didn’t know our Siaphyl was so brilliant! You’re going to make your big brother cry!”
Lidan teased Siaphyl that he was neglecting his studies. Siaphyl, while kindly responding, teased Lidan as well.
“Brother, have you replaced the seedling by the way? You pulled out a seedling mistaking it for a weed, remember?”
“You keep bringing it up when I told you I already have the day before yesterday, baby brother.”
“Ah, did you? I seem to forget often.”
“Isn’t it bad to be that forgetful at your age, baby brother?”
Indeed, on that day when Lidan plucked the weeds out, he mistakenly plucked out a seedling. Levisia was shocked to find out after not keeping her eyes on him. He profusely apologized for his ignorance and planted a new seedling in its place himself. That was two days ago…
‘Looks like he’s going to tease about it forever.’
Siaphyl kept smiling as Lidan appeared to be embarrassed. He was such a little rascal. Because of this, the longer Levisia got to see them, the more distant they seemed from the image of the Kraidens she had in her head. In the book, the Kraidens were a broken family with no chance of restoration… Watching them quarrel over little things made them seem like a real family.
As the days went by with them visiting so often, Levisia began to have more intimate conversations with them. She found out that Siaphyl, who acted diligent, sometimes skipped his studies, and how Lidan came to take his naps in the library.
“Mother used to read there all the time.” Lidan shrugged his shoulders as he spoke of his childhood. “I’d go with my mother to the library, but instead of reading books, I’d fall asleep on her.”
Indeed just what he’d do. As she thought about this, Levisia caught Siaphyl’s eyes. He seemed to be thinking the same thing. Just as Siaphyl put his finger over his lips to say it was a secret, Lidan continued.
“That then became a habit. I can fall asleep very well in the library.”
Levisia nodded but soon stopped when she heard Lidan’s question.
“Sis, your middle name was given to you by your mother, right?”
Lidan was right. When Levisia became part of the royalty, she gave up her original surname and instead kept her first name along with the middle name given by her mother as others had as well.
“White. How did you come to receive that name?” 
“I’m curious too, sister.”
They both asked, marveling. She opened her mouth, wondering how they reached this point of conversation. “Because of the color of my hair.”
“Color of your hair?”
Two pairs of eyes immediately focused on her hair.
Levisia was given the rather ridiculous middle name White, because her hair was white. They can guess her mother’s ability to come up with names here. She was indeed a very unique person…
Their reaction to her story was hard to pin down. More precisely, they both revealed a subtle smile.
“It’s still pretty, sister.”
‘Why is it ‘still’?’
Lidan nodded to Siaphyl’s response and said, “How about Rabbit for a nickname?”
“You know, like a white rabbit.”
Levisia immediately detested the name. But Lidan liked it more when she showed her disdain. “Rabbit, rabbit. Isn’t it cute?” He even teased Levisia that the name he decided on his own was her nickname. “You don’t like it, sis?”
“Well, it’s just…” She gave up answering and nodded her head instead. Levisia decided not to care anymore. Then she noticed Siaphyl watching them, sullen. “What is the matter?” she asked.
Siaphyl looked much more serious when she asked him the question.
“Why was I born after you that I cannot call you by your name?”
As Levisia looked at him wondering if he was being serious, his eyebrows drooped down, making him look even sadder. For a moment, even knowing his future and his true nature, he seemed rather adorable.
“That’s the privilege of the elder ones, baby brother.”
Lidan did not miss the chance to boast and teased Siaphyl. But when Siaphyl appeared to get sadder, Lidan seemingly changed his attitude.
“Then in that case, why don’t you call her sister Levisia?”
Siaphyl looked up at Levisia when he heard this.
“Can I?”
“Uh… um…”
It was simply having her name being spoken and yet for some reason, she cringed a little at the thought of it. Levisia reluctantly nodded her head after pointlessly considering it. There was someone who gave her a nickname and was already calling her by that name, so having her name called wouldn’t be any worse.
“I am okay with it.”
“I’m so happy, sister Levisia.”
Siaphyl immediately called her name and smiled genuinely. Watching this, Lidan muttered to himself. “It feels like something was taken away from me, but I guess what’s good is good.”
‘I’m the one whose name is being spoken and yet, why does Lidan feel like something has been taken away from him…?’ Despite allowing him to call her name lightheartedly, Levisia felt her heart sinking heavily. ‘Now that they are calling me by my name, it seems like the plan to stay hidden and unnoticed until leaving this place has been rendered moot… But it can’t be that bad? It’s just the two of them, right? It will be okay… it has to be okay.’
Despite trying to reassure herself, she wasn’t feeling very confident. 
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